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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

We’re Stripping Our hand-scrapped Wood Floors

So, it’s been a while since I have written a post... so much has happened... ummmm... we bought another house, moved and listed the farm for sale... shocking right... what’s even more shocking is we took the farm OFF the market and decided to keep It and...move back...

Crazy you say? 
Why yes, yes we are, 
but regretful... 
absolutely not...
So before we move back in, we are making some changes to our home to make it a bit more what we would have 
wanted in a new home.

First we ripped off the board and batten, we are wanting a more modern and clean look. We also took down the middle beam and are just going to have two beams instead of three.
We then painted the living and kitchen area in 
SW Dover White.
You can also see the original floors, they were hand scraped and a very warm orangey brown stain. 
I have wanted to change these floors for a very long time, seven to be exact, so I’m very excited to finally get the 
floor of my dreams.

We rented a drum floor sander from Home Depot, it wasn’t easy but we finally got through every painstaking pass. It took many swipes over ever single board to 
get the ridges flat.
We also rented an edger and my husband manhandled that machine to get the edges sanded down. 
2 days of sanding with the rented machines and 
one day of hand sanding to get the final touch ups. 
I am so beyond sick of sanding...
So here are some pics unfiltered.
I have started the staining process and included 
some before and afters. I will do another post on 
how I custom mix my stained. 

I missed the blog and hope to be a bit more current in the future, lots of projects going on, so I will be sharing more:)
Hope you all are doing amazing!

~ Summer


Wednesday, June 26, 2019

French Farmhouse Living room refresh with Homary.com

I'm so excited to share my refreshed living room with you today!
I want to give a special thank to Homary.com for sponsoring this post.
Homary.com is a home decor website that sells designer style items from faucets to furniture without the middle man, which means you get more bang for your buck! Homary is located in China, but also has two distribution centers in the US, Shipping is always free and the items arrive within 2-5 days.
The cause of this refresh is to showcase the beautiful light I was fortunate enough to
 receive from Homary.com. Even though this post is sponsored, all opinions are 100% my own. Also please know, I approached Homary about a collaboration, because I loved the look of their products.
I chose the Pena Rustic Vintage 5 Light Chandelier it arrived
 in a few days and was packaged excellently. 
I was so excited when I opened the box, because the finish was just gorgeous. 
It has a light grey white washed finish that is just perfect in my farmhouse style home.
I wired the light myself and my husband helped me install it. It look a little over an hour all together. If you have knowledge on how to install lights, this light is no different, however you can always hire an electrician to do it for you.
The light is very good quality and a fraction of the price of what similar looking chandeliers go for.
Most lighting in this style was priced from $500-1300 range. 
So I feel like the quality is excellent for the price point, the finish is nice, the metal is thick but the overall weight isn't too heavy, which is nice when you are hanging it yourself:)

You can purchase this light here

I chose this light because it also had a french country vibe to it. 
Which you know I'm all about mixing farmhouse with french country.  
I accented this light by changing out my rug, and pillows for softer, lighter tones.
My pallet is mostly ivory and white and I paired it with french stripe farmhouse style cushions.
I can't even tell you how happy I am with this chandelier.
The customer service with Homary is also excellent and they provided emails and
 up-to-date tracking information. They sell an assortment of gorgeous reasonably priced 
lighting and other household items.

My living room just took on a whole new look of elegance!
I'm seriously so in love!

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I also replaced my art with some lighter floral pieces in the cabinet and it really helped
 to lighten the space an make it more airy.
I cannot wait to decorate this room throughout the seasons and showcase this light in different settings. I have changed my living room light at least 4 different times trying but failing to find the right style... this is it folks... this is the one!

Thanks again to Homary.com for making my lighting dreams come true!
Please visit Homary to see all their gorgeous goodies!
Thanks again and I will talk to you all soon!

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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Budget Bathroom Makeover | The Reveal | ORC

You guys! I did it!! It's done... can I get a slow clap?!?!
I came down to the wire on this project and there are still things I want to do, 
but I completed what I set out to accomplish and for that, I'm happy:)

So if this is your first time to my blog, welcome! What you are about to view is the completion of my Master Bathroom for the One Room Challenge. If you are unfamiliar with the ORC let me catch you up...The One Room Challenge design event is a bi-annual 6 week challenge to makeover a space in your home. Twenty designers are chosen to participate and every Wednesday, the designers document their process while sharing their sources and professional advice over the six weekly posts. In addition to following along, everyone with a blog, is welcome to join the fun as a Guest Participant and will post their results the following Thursday for the next 6 weeks. 
This is my 4th ORC, you can find my other ORC projects here
So let's get started... I just want to say, this bathroom was completely created on a budget and with mostly paint... I painted everything... the walls, ceiling, cabinets, tile etc...
I chose to do black and white, it's classic and timeless.
How about that mirror?
I scored that on Thursday for $40 off of Facebook Marketplace...
Score Ya'll...Score...

This summer I'm going to Epoxy around the tub,
so I did not re-caulk around the tub... so forgive the unsavory looking non caulked tub...
I figured why re-scrape caulk in a month or so?!?

My blush crush is still going strong, so I chose blush accents for this room.
I subway tiled the steps, they originally just sheet rocked so I thought I would jazz it up.
I really love how they came out.
The black tile is painted. It was originally tumbled marble, but if you have followed me for a while, you know I'm big fan of using what you have and since they were subway style, I chose just to paint them. I started with a base coat of Rustoleum white and then finished with Rustoleum black.
I was lucky enough to get my floor donated by Wallpops.
I love this floor! It's such a show stopper, 
you can read about my experience with these beautiful vinyl tiles here.
This bathroom had gorgeous wood work, it just needed some bold contrast to make it come alive.
The wood work in our house is painted in SW Dover White. I chose to paint the walls the same color.
This tub alcove is my absolute fave. I remember the first time I saw it,
 I gasped... little did I know it could look like this:)

Also, the shiplap was drawn on... with a charcoal pencil....
not that you can't shiplap for a reasonable price, but some of the wall are curved and the edges are rounded... so I opted to just draw it on... and I really love it:)
So easy!
I chose to do a black ceiling. This was a bold move for me, and I didn't really like it at first, but once I put the new floor in, it looked amazing. I'm so glad I did it. 
I chose the color SW Black Magic.
Can we talk about this Rug?
I mean it's gorgeous right?!?
I love it so much, it's the perfect compliment to soften the sharp contrast of the black and white.
I also replaced the hardware on our cabinets.
You can shop those here...
I love the new gold modern pulls.
I was lucky enough to have a husband who can weld, so he custom made this large handle for my door that we put on the cabinet. It was originally left open, but now I can keep all the things that are less desirable...hidden. Win Win...

I also added these Lights and I love them!
I'm going to add puck lights to them to make them usable and that way no wiring was needed... some of them even have remotes... so that's what I'm going to find:)
I also epoxied our counter tops.
You can read about those here.

I had originally planned to change out our faucet handles to the white cross handles, but it didn't work out unfortunately, so I kept with the original faucets and just sprayed them black.
I'm really happy with them.
So, I did a complete makeover on a very tight budget, 
but was able to create a very high end and dramatic look.
I'm a firm believer of, love the space your in...you don't have to live with a look you don't love just because you don't have the budget to gut it... don't go broke if you don't have too...you can do a lot with very little... you just need to be a bit creative.
I hope you enjoyed the tour of my new master bath and hopefully found some inspiration.
You can check out more of the fabulous designed rooms here

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

DIY Panda Marble Epoxy Counter tops | ORC Week 5

You guys, I just realized this is week 5... 
I was seriously writing my Whoa-hes me I didn't finish post... so I am so pumped I still have another weekend!! LOL Ok so here is what I got done for week 5...
I focused on doing my counter top in epoxy.
I had originally painted the dark corian counters a few years ago...
it lasted all right, but I was ready for an upgrade.
I'm a firm believer in use what you have if it's good. 
So my counter and my faucet were still good... they just needed some revamping.
So I chose a very budget friendly counter top solution.
Epoxy Resin Countertops
I started by sanding the counter top and removing any lose or chipped paint.
Then I taped off the vanity with plastic.
I got my mixing bowls ready, my rustoleum paint in white and black, 
I followed the directions on the bottle using equal parts of resin and hardner.
I mixed in my base color, I did a very very light grey by mixing a little bit of black in the white Rustoleum. I mixed and then poured.
You can see how I created this Panda Marble look on my Instagram highlights.
I show videos on how I create the veins.
You can follow me on IG @raisingafarmhouse

I wish you guys could see it in person, it looks so much better.
The integral sink is not exactly my fave look, but like I said, I'm a big believer of using what you have and not going into debt. So with that being said... I really love how it turned out.
I wanted a really bold look, for some reason when I torched the countertop, the black rustoleum kept seperating and wouldn't stay as thick as I wanted.

But I did get this strong black vein... and I love it.
It made the rest of the whimpy ones worth it...

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So as I mentioned, I revamped my faucet...
it was originally oil rubbed bronze, but it had a lot of rust bubbles on it...
not sure why or what caused it, but I decided to sand it down and spray it black,
I also revamped the handles and replaced them with a vintage cross handle look.

I used these and sprayed the base black as well.

I absolutely love the new look!!
This faucet isn't plumbed in yet,
but I can't wait to get it functioning and get my husbands vanity epoxied.

Here's what I have left

So here's the list... in list form

1. New Flooring
2. Paint Cabinets
3. Shiplap/ paint ceiling
4. New light fixtures
5. Epoxy Countertops (well One is done)
6. New Cabinet Hardware
7. Door for cabinet/new handle
8. Paint tile around tub
9.subway tile the steps
10. Decor

You can see my original Epoxy post here
You can read my one year review of my kitchen counters here
and if you are interested in epoxying your counter tops
you can 
 This obviously was not the easiest DIY I have ever done, but it wasn't the hardest. Honestly, I really enjoyed it, and the prep was the hardest part. The actual pouring and swirling of the epoxy was super fun and you can be as creative or as conservative as you want.
 If you are just starting out with DIY,  they do sell a $50 test kit,
which for inexperienced folks would help you get the feel of how epoxy works...
and if you use the code...
(all lowercase no spaces)

you will get $10 off your purchase, this is also good if you want to just go straight to buying everything you need. But there is a $100 minimum.
  One gallon will cover 50 sq ft.
You can purchase the Epoxy here and only here.

It looks like I might be able to actually finish! I'm so excited!
So what do you think about my DIY Panda Marble?
Do you like the bold marble look or do you like a look more like my kitchen counters.
You can check out the other participants at here

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