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Friday, February 28, 2014

The Painted Fabric Chair...

Ok, so.... unless you have lived under a rock, you have probably heard about painted fabric. Just kidding about the rock comment, maybe you haven't heard? That's ok, because now your horizon's have just been broadened! But just incase you have heard, you may be thinking, SO..... how is this tutorial any different then the others, well it's really not, it's just on my blog and the way I did my project...ha! If your interested.. then keep reading:)

Here are the chairs before, I actually got two for a steal of a deal! I really think it was the buy of 2013..

But maybe your not sold yet? Maybe your main concern is how does it feel? Is it crunchy, flaky, stiff? Well, the answer is NO to all three, I'm not going to lie, it's not as soft as regular fabric, obviously it has had a coating applied to it. But it is not as stiff as you might think, nor does it flake or come off onto your clothing. Let me share with you what I did and what worked for me.

There are two types of paint you can use.. well actually three.  First, you can use chalk paint, chalk paint is incredible and it is alot softer end result then the latex or acrylic, and it can cover anything and everything. Second, Acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium. I haven't done this, because most of the tubes of acrylic are really tiny, and I know they only cost like $.99 but still, I don't want to have to buy a thousand of them... The third kind is latex paint, that's right just plain old paint that you may already have out in the garage.

I have painted fabric with both chalk paint and latex paint. The paint I used for the chair pictured above was a latex paint that had a satin finish and I mixed it with the fabric medium, even though it said to use with acrylic. So far I haven't had any problems with it.

Mix a ratio of around half paint to half fabric medium, you can
purchase the fabric medium at your local craft store, I just eyeballed it. I didn't do exact measurements and it turned out fine. Some people wet there fabric down before they paint, I have done both, but with this project, I didn't wet it. I just painted straight onto the fabric. With the latex paint method, it's really just that simple, once the first coat dried, I went back over missed spots.

The fabric on this chair had a raised pattern so I had to really get in there with my brush and get after it to get it thoroughly covered. Once your chair is covered, you can choose to do a polyacrylic coating, polyacrylic is like polyurethane only it's acrylic based(like you couldn't figure that out) and not supposed to yellow, if you are painting your fabric a light color, I don't recommend it, I have always had it turn slightly yellow on me. On this chair, since it had a satin finish, I did not use a poly coating.I painted the wood trim with Annie Sloan chalk paint in Provence, now all I need is to wax and it will be complete and ready to go to the shoppe!

Do you feel a project about to emerge? Or maybe you won't pass up that awesome french chair with ugly fabric at the thrift store, because it would be too expensive to reupholster? Now you have an economical solution to update some outdated pieces.
What will you redoux? Happy Decorating!





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