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Friday, March 7, 2014

I survived the DIY dropcloth slipcover

For the last year, I have been desperately wanting to get a new sofa. We bought our sectional less than two years ago at Mathis Brother's, it was in the fancy upstairs "As Is" section for a really good deal, to good of a deal, but I hated it was dark. Naturally my husband liked it and convinced me to get it. I had my heart set on a nice light linen sectional, but the hubs was determined to crush my dreams due to the animals and just all around life and how "cream" is not functional.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

But the last several months, I have pinned nothing but nice light and airy living rooms. I was determined to get my light colored sofa one way or another. I began to search the internet for slipcovers, there are several but mostly for normal sofas, not sectionals. I found that SureFit makes sectional slipcovers, but the colors were Tawney and Gold... yuck! Not what I wanted. I searched the web for DIY options and found some tutorials for Drop Cloth Slipcovers. I knew for right now (needing a cheap way to do this), this would be my only option, but I had very, very limited sewing skills. I have made a pillow and some curtains before, really just sewing two pieces of cloth together was the extent of my skills.  But, never the less I decided to give it a whirl! I looked over this tutorial, gathered that it's basically cutting and pinning inside out and then sewing. Basically like a big sewing puzzle... I was psyched!

I went to lowes and purchased one 12 x 15ft dropcloth for $31 dollars and one 6x9ft for $10 and (I had an extra 6x9 at home already). I basically pinned the arms first and then did the cushions. For the back cushions I just made tradional knife edge pillow cases, and the bottom cusion I did box cushions, which were a little tricky to sew, but thankfully there were only three! I then draped one big piece for the back, pinned and sewed to the arms, once I assembled the whole piece, I made the skirt by just pinning to the sofa and pinning (with a safety pin) to the front of the arm covers.

The whole project took me one and half days, I started at 3pm-10:30pm on Monday and finished on Tuesday from 10:30am-6:45pm... long hours, and I was exhausted, 
but it was so worth it! It made me love my living room again.
 It brightened up the area so much and just made it so much cleaner looking.

It also encouraged me to finish up some decorating that was needing to be done to complete the look. Since I opened my booth, I decided to become a retailer as well, so I get all kinds of goodies, and occassionally (all the time) decide to keep some of the items here and there...

Here are some photos of before and after.


LOL! My Vacuum is always out!


Brightens up the space!

I was also inspired to decorate the nook entry into our bedroom.
My next project will be to paint the bar stools... they are stained wood and I can't stand it, our entry doors are stained on the inside, I will be painting those as well! Ha!

Stay tuned!

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