July 2014 | Raising A Farmhouse

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Happy 4th Indeed!

I almost forgot, we went to a friend's farm for the 4th of July in Earlsboro. It was some of the most gorgeous land I have ever seen!

We had excellent food, conversation, fireworks, and we even shot guns! Doesn't get anymore American than that!

Here's a couple of pics!

Hope everyone had a great time!


A not so lazy Summer...

Greetings all! Hope everyone is faring well in the summer heat! It's been a while since I have posted, turns out I am just flat out terrible at keeping up with this blog.. and as much as I say I am going to become more consistent..well.. that's just a flat out lie!

Even though I have been super unmotivated this season, I have done quite a bit. For starters, I began a new job in May.. and at the end of May I left that job.. not my cup of tea.. but that's ok, at least I tried. What else did I do.. hmmm... well, I finally completed most of my backyard, I hung my DIY outdoor curtains, landscaped, and did a fancy Pinterest patio. 

I went blonde, which was quite a chore. 

I moved my parents into their new home, and now are also redoing said home. I am in the middle of DIY concrete counter tops.. YIKEs!

Even though I have done quite alot, I have been super unmotivated when it comes to my booth and my own projects. I have been trying to cram a couple months worth of projects into this last week. I have almost completed my china hutch that has been sitting in my garage for the last 6 weeks. So that feels really good, I forgot how much I missed picking up that paint brush and getting after it.

Next week I start my new PTJ (part time job), it's only 20 hours a week and M-Th, which is perfect for me, especially since I hate working on anything other than my crafts.. and it gives me plenty of time to do just that!

Hope your having a great summer! Stay tuned for more to come!!;)


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