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Friday, October 31, 2014

Fall in Love with your mantle

Happy Friday Ya'll!  Let's kick off the weekend with a little eye candy, shall we...

I'm so excited to show you my fall mantle. It's simple easy and attainable, but looks oh so fancy.

I kept it simple and just added a few pumpkins, hydrangeas, and pine cones (free)!

It's simple but makes a big statement and stays well with in the neutral pallete in my living room.

I can't believe I almost bought pine cones... what a rookie... I went over to my mom's last weekend and she had a whole bag fulls worth on the ground in front of her house... that she had been mowing over...

Luckily there were a ton that had not been mangled by the mower.

So there you have it! I wish I had gotten around to this quicker, but at least I'll have all of November to enjoy it.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed it! 

Have a fantastic Haloween weekend!


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Super Cutesy Pillows

I just wanted to share with you some new art work I added to my Society6 shop! 

I thought theses designs would make super cute pillows.. You can buy it on other items, but the main purpose was to create some pillows that would be unique  and versatile.  

I love this quote from Three Dog Night, reminds me of my childhood, my Dad is a big 70's rocker enthusiast and its what I grew up on.. Side note my friend has this  tattooed on her chest so, 
she also reminds me of my love for it as well.


And I can't wait for winter so I had to go ahead and create something fun and cute.. Right! 

I won't be using these anytime soon.. It was 93 degrees this past weekend! They said it hasn't been that hot in October since 1898??!! I think that's what they said.. Long time ago..

I'll be adding more art soon, so be sure to check back!

Thanks for stopping by!


Monday, October 27, 2014

Finds From the Past

Do you ever just go thrifting and have a great weekend?? Like, you go somewhere with something in mind to look for and bam, there it is, in all it's glory??

Well that's what happened to me this past weekend. The husband and I went to our favorite little outdoor market, he shops for tools and I shop for decor, it's perfection really.

Except the only issue is, I never bring enough money, and sometimes I do that on purpose so I won't over spend, but then, that's when the holy grail of items will appear out of no where, and you just want to kick yourself for being so practical and responsible.

But with only a Twenty spot in my pocket, I think I scored something fierce!

I have been lusting for one of these, my cousin got one a few years back and it was chippy yellow and I loved it, and lately, I have seen quite a few whie I was treasure hunting, 
but nothing really every tickled my fancy. 

Until I saw this one, and it spoke to me, loud and clear!

 I wasn't leaving with out it!

Look at all that chippy goodness!

 Feeling pretty victorious on my way out of the market, and suddenlty I spotted this little lady, what do you think, isn't she gorgeous!!?? Just look at those curves!

I have always wanted one of these, I feel like I say that about everything, but I guess it kinda true... I just want a lot of things:)  The very best thing about this pitcher and wash basin, is that when I flipped it over, the bottom of the pitcher had some carvings in it.  

It read, Irene Chandler 76.. pretty neat and impressive, I was thrilled to learn that this was a one of a kind handmade vintage piece.

 I mean I would have loved it any way, even if it had come from Home Goods, it's just a great piece. But when I flipped over the basin, it said Wetumka 76 Okla.  How neat is that, not only was it hand made, but made right here in Oklahoma. 

So happy I rescued a piece of Oklahoma Heritage. 

So.. here's to you Ms. Irene Chandler, a job well done, 
your piece of art will be loved and cherised for many years to come. 

Thanks for stopping by!


Sunday, October 26, 2014

The painted wheelbarrow

Can you believe we are nearing the end of October, and Halloween is only a week away??
It's crazy! 

I have recently given myself a kick in the toosh and have been knocking projects off my to do list, after I decorated my fall table, it really inspired me to do more!

My Mom gave me this crusty rusty old wheelbarrow that the previous owner left at their new home. Naturally I was pumped! Look at all that rust!

I did the only thing that came natural, grabbed a can of chalk paint and brush and got after it! 

In case you didn't notice, that's an entirely different wheelbarrow then the one pictured above. That's because my husband got involved and decided that I should take his old wheelbarrow and he take the "better one" ugh!
But never the less I pressed on, I painted the barrow in ASCP Provence. I roughly  brushed it on so you could see the original finish. I only painted the outside, because I will be filling the inside with various things throughout the year...I also brushed on some dark stain on the handles to darken them.

I decided the Provence was little to bright and wanted to age it a bit, so I grabbed my ASCP dark wax and waxed the outside.

I really like how it turned out, however, I'm not crazy about the red metal legs, I think I will paint those.. but I was running out of day light last night..

And even though it was 93 degrees yesterday, fall is creeping in and I couldn't be happier..

Time to get to the pumpkin patch and fill that new wheelbarrow!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Have beautiful week!


Friday, October 24, 2014

A Fall Table...

Warning: This is a picture heavy post... perhaps I went a little overboard with my little impromptu shoot today, but I just loved how everything turned out! I typically don't decorate for the season's other than Christmas, but I have just been so anxious for Christmas this year, that I felt I needed to go ahead and give into the fall decorating this year or I was going to explode! I need to decorate something!!!

I decided to do a fall table scape in neutral colors, its simple, classic and chic and most of all it's affordable, most everything I had on hand except for the pumpkins...

I decided to keep it very simple and not have silverware and glasess on the table... I don't want to spend everyday, wiping and dusting, and I didn't want it to get to cluttery.

I got my pumpkins and gords at Hobby Lobby, I decided to go with artificial, that way I could use them each year and just add to as I go. It's hard for me to purchase items I know are just going to rot, and then be thrown away.


I got this adorable little cupcake stand at Hobby Lobby too, it was 50% off so I decided to splurge, I'm a sucker for anything gold and dots. Polka dots are just so underestimated, don't you think, I mean they're fun, playful, classic and when gold, super chic. I also purchased those two little white vases from the thrift store and sprayed them white.

Believe it or not, aside from the burlap chargers {Hobby Lobby} the dishes and silver trays are from the dollar store. Yup, super cheap! You can't beat a dollar...  I sprayed and glittered the pears gold for a nice little touch.

Pumpkins and cupcakes... who would of thought it....

I purchased the wood slices from.. you guessed it, Hobby Lobby again... I didn't have any of our cut down tree trunks that were wide enough.  I purchased the candle holders they are sitting on earlier in the year and chalk painted them in ASCP Paris Grey.

So what do you think? I think it's a big win.. myself!  And, to think I almost didn't do it, I wish I had been doing this all along now, it does make a difference and gives you a break from your everyday decor.  Most everything here was from the dollar store, Hobby Lobby and the thrift store. So you can have a gorgeous table for not that much money.

Happy Fall Ya'll....



Thursday, October 23, 2014

DIY Feather Ornaments

I wanted to share with you my little project I did a few weeks ago. I saw this on pinterest and thought it was so adorable, I just had to try it. What do you think? Pretty cute huh??!!

These were super easy to make. All you need is some air dry clay, a rolling pin, one clay tool {the one with the little hook end one side and the needle end on the other,} and a straw.

Roll them out pretty thin, but not super thin, you still want to be able to scrape the details into it. Cut the feather shapes into the clay and discard the rest.  Take the feather shape and draw two lines in the center.   Your going to take the hook end of the clay tool and scrape along the edge of the middle lines scraping outward to create a fluffy edge. Once you have the center line defined, take the needle tool and carve in little squiggly lines to create the texture of the fluff.

Your going to want to take a straw and punch out a hole for your ribbon. I used white, but you can use any color you want, you could also spray and glitter your feathers for a different look. I like them white personally.

If you want a 3D look, place the feathers over objects, I used a paint brush handle and the side of a paper plate and just draped them in various positions. So cute and simple. Would also be a fun project to do with the kiddos.

Happy Creating!



Monday, October 20, 2014

Glittery Gold

If you know anything about me you know my love for anything gold and glittery.. And if it's remotely pink in nature.. Well that's just icing on the cake!

On one of our many many trips to the hardware store, I spotted this little jewel when we first walked in.. I fell in love instantly!


But.. I have been practicing my frugality and put it back down becuase it was $34.99 a little rich for my blood;). As I perused through the magazine racks and picked up that latest Country French ( my fav mag) I pondered on whether or not to by the wreath.


 I really didn't take to long before I decided, yes, I deserve it, I mean I work.. Part time none the less.. But I do think about working full time, from time to time, and that has to count for something right???
So I went back for it and I am so glad I did (note: it's so sad when you get pumped about a Christmas decoration) but this is what life has turned into, and I embrace it.


Isn't it adorable, I mean really... Home Depot is really steppin up their decor game with this one..
I can't wait to put it up! I am so ready for Christmas... is it to early to start the count down?? Oh and if you can't tell.. it's wood shavings dipped in glitter.. how crafty right? Love it!!

Head on over and get you one!



Sunday, October 19, 2014

Light and Bright!

I did it finally! I painted the inside of my entry doors the color of the rest of the trim of the house, which is Dover White by Sherwin Williams.  Ever since we moved in,  I have been making a mental note of things I dislike about my home... probably a very dangerous thing to do, but none the less, i'm doing it.

The number ONE... really number two, number ONE is the 8ft ceilings... thing I couldn't stand was the stained wood, our entertainment center is stained the entry doors are stained and part of the kitchen bar is stained... I hate stained wood. While I think it is pretty and it definitley has its place in many homes... just not mine.

While I do not want to tackle this mammouth of an entertainment center with a can of chalk paint and ever so shrinking brush (I will live with it),  however I will conquer less daunting projects i.e the doors. Here's some photos of the before and after, I still need to do a some touch ups, but I just had to share because I'm so excited at the way it already brightens the room!

Here we are in progress.



                                           I really like how the light reflects off of the doors now.


                                                            Here's a shot of them at night...


I'm really happy with the way they turned out and I'm glad I finally knocked that out... one more project scratced off the list... and now on to the next!

Hope this inspires you to tackle something on your to do list!

~ S


Friday, October 17, 2014

New Shop on Society6

Hey Ya'll! I have some exciting news! I'm super pumped to announce that I opened a little shop on Society6. What is Society6 you ask?? Well it's a little online community of artist who upload their original artwork and are able to sell their art on products like, canvases, art prints (framed and unframed) pillows, iPhone cases, t-shirts and just about anything else you can think of.

I came acrossed the site while browsing another blog called Craftberry Bush.. super cute BTW.. anyways, I thought, ugh... it totally have a ton of artwork just lying around... why not see if anyone wants any of it...go figure.

The process was super simple, upload your imagery and select the products you want to sell. Society6 manufactures it and ships it, all you do is select your profit and collect a paycheck if anyone purchases your artwork... easy peasy. No overhead, shipping, inventory, all hassle is illeminated... pretty genius..

And with the holidays around the corner, you can def find something unique for that hard to shop for relative!

 Any who, I'll stop blabbing... head over and check out my shop.. this is making me want to go on a creating spree...


Friday, October 10, 2014

Will Fall Please Make a Final Debut??

Is it just me or is anyone else sick of this prolonged summer? Don't get me wrong, summer is my absolute fav season of the year and not just because I'm named after it.. I love everything about it, long summer days and nights, lightening bugs, cook outs, boats and pool partys..oh my! But really... enough is enough.. you have worn out your welcome. I have been looking forward to layers, vests, boots and my personal fave, faux fur.

But no, I'm still dressing like it's summer, why because it's still 90 degree's out, in the middle of October. We finally got a bit of relief with all the rain this weekend and... I love it so much! Although my allergies can not take this up and down temps.

I really am afraid I'm just going to wake and it's going to be the dead of winter... dreadful..long.. winter... and fall will have just managed to escape us. I'm goint to try and think positve tho, something has to give..eventually... right?? I'll leave you with a pic of Dirty Gary.. maybe I should take a few pointers from him, he clearly doesn't get too worked up about this weather... or anything for that matter...

Think positive ya'll,


Sunday, October 5, 2014

The past three months.. in a nutshell...

I feel like since we last spoke, everything has just gone down hill. If I could sum up the past three months in just three words it would be WTF??...

Lets see, in July I started a new job, which is a good thing, cause I actually really like it. It's just part time, Monday through Thursday, twenty hours a week...cake.  I also left Serendipity and closed my booth, I was kinda sad, but the summer just killed me and I couldn't see giving someone else my profits in the form of rent. August. I. turned. 33. boo. In September, this is where F in WTF comes into play. I developed an infection in my arm (cellulitis) from a splinter I had gotten back in May or June {I can't even remember}. Basically...a month later I'm still battling this little annoyance, I go in this week for lab work and an MRI, because it has now turned into a cyst or mass or who knows...WTF??

On a positive note, I have been working out like crazy, re-opened my Etsy, decided to grow my hair out and have fallified {yes I made that word up} my house!! {Note} My fallifying is very subtile, I don't get into seasonal decorating that much, I go for more rich colors and a variety of textures.

I have also been crafting and stocking up on Christmas decor! I can't wait!! I'm going all out this year.. or at least attempt too.. Did you see the sled?? I have been dying for one of these! I was so excited when I found it today and for a steal of a deal!! I just couldn't pass up on the antique roller skates too cool!

Happy Fall Ya'll!

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