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Monday, October 27, 2014

Finds From the Past

Do you ever just go thrifting and have a great weekend?? Like, you go somewhere with something in mind to look for and bam, there it is, in all it's glory??

Well that's what happened to me this past weekend. The husband and I went to our favorite little outdoor market, he shops for tools and I shop for decor, it's perfection really.

Except the only issue is, I never bring enough money, and sometimes I do that on purpose so I won't over spend, but then, that's when the holy grail of items will appear out of no where, and you just want to kick yourself for being so practical and responsible.

But with only a Twenty spot in my pocket, I think I scored something fierce!

I have been lusting for one of these, my cousin got one a few years back and it was chippy yellow and I loved it, and lately, I have seen quite a few whie I was treasure hunting, 
but nothing really every tickled my fancy. 

Until I saw this one, and it spoke to me, loud and clear!

 I wasn't leaving with out it!

Look at all that chippy goodness!

 Feeling pretty victorious on my way out of the market, and suddenlty I spotted this little lady, what do you think, isn't she gorgeous!!?? Just look at those curves!

I have always wanted one of these, I feel like I say that about everything, but I guess it kinda true... I just want a lot of things:)  The very best thing about this pitcher and wash basin, is that when I flipped it over, the bottom of the pitcher had some carvings in it.  

It read, Irene Chandler 76.. pretty neat and impressive, I was thrilled to learn that this was a one of a kind handmade vintage piece.

 I mean I would have loved it any way, even if it had come from Home Goods, it's just a great piece. But when I flipped over the basin, it said Wetumka 76 Okla.  How neat is that, not only was it hand made, but made right here in Oklahoma. 

So happy I rescued a piece of Oklahoma Heritage. 

So.. here's to you Ms. Irene Chandler, a job well done, 
your piece of art will be loved and cherised for many years to come. 

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