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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Light and Bright!

I did it finally! I painted the inside of my entry doors the color of the rest of the trim of the house, which is Dover White by Sherwin Williams.  Ever since we moved in,  I have been making a mental note of things I dislike about my home... probably a very dangerous thing to do, but none the less, i'm doing it.

The number ONE... really number two, number ONE is the 8ft ceilings... thing I couldn't stand was the stained wood, our entertainment center is stained the entry doors are stained and part of the kitchen bar is stained... I hate stained wood. While I think it is pretty and it definitley has its place in many homes... just not mine.

While I do not want to tackle this mammouth of an entertainment center with a can of chalk paint and ever so shrinking brush (I will live with it),  however I will conquer less daunting projects i.e the doors. Here's some photos of the before and after, I still need to do a some touch ups, but I just had to share because I'm so excited at the way it already brightens the room!

Here we are in progress.



                                           I really like how the light reflects off of the doors now.


                                                            Here's a shot of them at night...


I'm really happy with the way they turned out and I'm glad I finally knocked that out... one more project scratced off the list... and now on to the next!

Hope this inspires you to tackle something on your to do list!

~ S


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