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Sunday, October 5, 2014

The past three months.. in a nutshell...

I feel like since we last spoke, everything has just gone down hill. If I could sum up the past three months in just three words it would be WTF??...

Lets see, in July I started a new job, which is a good thing, cause I actually really like it. It's just part time, Monday through Thursday, twenty hours a week...cake.  I also left Serendipity and closed my booth, I was kinda sad, but the summer just killed me and I couldn't see giving someone else my profits in the form of rent. August. I. turned. 33. boo. In September, this is where F in WTF comes into play. I developed an infection in my arm (cellulitis) from a splinter I had gotten back in May or June {I can't even remember}. Basically...a month later I'm still battling this little annoyance, I go in this week for lab work and an MRI, because it has now turned into a cyst or mass or who knows...WTF??

On a positive note, I have been working out like crazy, re-opened my Etsy, decided to grow my hair out and have fallified {yes I made that word up} my house!! {Note} My fallifying is very subtile, I don't get into seasonal decorating that much, I go for more rich colors and a variety of textures.

I have also been crafting and stocking up on Christmas decor! I can't wait!! I'm going all out this year.. or at least attempt too.. Did you see the sled?? I have been dying for one of these! I was so excited when I found it today and for a steal of a deal!! I just couldn't pass up on the antique roller skates too cool!

Happy Fall Ya'll!


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