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Friday, October 10, 2014

Will Fall Please Make a Final Debut??

Is it just me or is anyone else sick of this prolonged summer? Don't get me wrong, summer is my absolute fav season of the year and not just because I'm named after it.. I love everything about it, long summer days and nights, lightening bugs, cook outs, boats and pool partys..oh my! But really... enough is enough.. you have worn out your welcome. I have been looking forward to layers, vests, boots and my personal fave, faux fur.

But no, I'm still dressing like it's summer, why because it's still 90 degree's out, in the middle of October. We finally got a bit of relief with all the rain this weekend and... I love it so much! Although my allergies can not take this up and down temps.

I really am afraid I'm just going to wake and it's going to be the dead of winter... dreadful..long.. winter... and fall will have just managed to escape us. I'm goint to try and think positve tho, something has to give..eventually... right?? I'll leave you with a pic of Dirty Gary.. maybe I should take a few pointers from him, he clearly doesn't get too worked up about this weather... or anything for that matter...

Think positive ya'll,


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