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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Sweet Little Corner

Remember the Vintage Handmade Pitcher & Washbasin I shared with you last week? Well I Just wanted to show you its final place in my home.

There is this little cabinet attached to my vanity in the master bath, it has cabinets on the bottom and on the top and an opening in the middle.. I'm assuming for a TV. Unfotunately I am not a TV in the bathroom type of person, so when I saw this Pitcher & Washbasin, I knew I had the perfect spot.

I'm still so in love with the lines of this piece. And, to think that someone made this by hand, right here in Oklahoma, is just even sweeter!

I found this picture a few years back when I was antique hunting with my cousin. We had stopped off at a little antique store in very small town and I instantly loved it. Tho, everyone who sees it thinks it is super creepy...? LOL... I don't know why... I think it's elegant and a perfect back drop to this incredible piece of pottery.

I still have some projects to complete in my bathroom before I'm completly satisfied.. if that is even possible! Stay tuned.. more to come from this area of the house!

Thanks for stopping by! ~S


Monday, November 3, 2014

A Cozy Harvest Livingroom

I've gone crazy ya'll... pine cone crazy! I think I'm obsessed! This is my last week for fall, I will be focusing on, you guessed it Christmas! But until then, let's enjoy fall for a little while longer! I pulled this room together in about 30 minutes! Super easy!

I worked with my existing decor and just added touches of fall here and their. See those little brass pine cone candle holders?? I got those from the thrift store for $.99... the things people get rid of...

I went to the local fabric store and whipped out two pillow covers in about 10 minutes on my sewing machine. I love this plaid, it's so hard to find a good plaid and it works so well with the stain on the wood.

Add throws for texture on your sofa. I love layers!

I created these little pillows in about 10 minutes out of drop clothes and an iron on transfer. I love the stagg head, and the best part about it, it doubles over in Christmas! Boom!

I took the leftover fabric from the plaid pillows and put it on the chair, I love how it warms up that area.

....and... my horn of plenty... most everything I had on hand and it litterally took me about 30 minutes to creat a warm and inviting harvest living room! I love it!

Thanks for stopping by! ~S

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