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Monday, March 23, 2015

Kitchen Makeover Series:DIY Concrete Countertops: Part I

My folks recently moved into a late 70's style home that was in need of some updating.. Desperately! After being diagnosed with an estimate of $2600 for granite, for a very small area... I decided to do some research and find an economical and modern solution. I had a friend redo his counter tops in his early 1900's historic home and they looked fantastic!! I did some looking around on the good ole Internet and found a great tutorial.  Here is the process I did and the products I used to achieve this look.


I found that you don't use actual concrete, it's a flooring underlayment 'concrete like' product. Most tutorials recommend Ardex, I couldn't find it, but I did find Henry Feather Finish at Home Depot in the flooring and tile section.


You mix the product in a 2:1 ratio (I.e 2 cups product to 1 cup water) or whatever measuring ratio you need and prefer. I personally never did more than a cup because this stuff starts setting up fast. You will also need a trowel, bucket for mixing and a putty knife of various sizes.

At this point, don't worry about getting a perfectly smooth surface, you will sand this done several times in between coats.


Let it dry over night and then sand in the morning, I used my electric sander, if you don't have one get one, you'll need it.

Below is what your first coat will look like! Your now on your way to some saucy new counter tops!!


Part II Here


Friday, March 20, 2015

Real Inner Beauty...

Two summers ago I scored the deal of the day or maybe even the week and picked up a couple of french provincial arm chairs at my local thrift store for literally $40. I was so excited for the possibilities of these two chairs!

Well... fast forward two years later and I have still done absolutely nothing with them... i'm mean sure I have a had a few failed attempts to create masterpieces, but nothing has panned out. Until this week... while wasting time on Pinterest,  researching on Pinterest, I came across the deconstructed chairs found on Restoration Hardware, which I saw quite a while ago and immediately loved, but knew I would never blow real money on one.

Via Restoration Hardware
So I got to thinking, why am I racking my brain on what to do on the outside when their could be a hidden treasure deep within. So I did what any rational person would do.. I got my box blade and went to town cutting that baby open!

And Look What I found!!

The burlap was so intact and looked amazing!

I cut these strips out because I don't like the red and this is going in my soon to be redone bedroom... with no red insight!

I'm going to reupholster the front in burlap and then do the cushions in drop cloth, repaint the legs and stain the wood frame in a weathered gray.

Then it will be perfect! I know this look isn't for everyone, I get that, but you have to admit how beautiful something really is in it's raw state. Or.. at least I think so...

As Always.. Happy Decorating!

Au revoir,
                            ~ Summer

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Vintage Market Days

I am so excited to announce, that I will be attending the Vintage Market Days as  a vendor this year.
The show will be held at the vintage Farmer's Market in OKC on May 15,16 and 17th. This will be an indoor show.

My brain is about to explode with all the ideas I have and want to incorporate into my little 10x10ft section.... I'm hoping i'm up for the challenge.

I am already working on new fresh finishes to present and I hope they delight and dazzle!

This is faux drift wood finish, it's completely created with paint and topped off with a little wood stain. It's so beautiful in person and I am so excited to debut it at the show!

A coffee table I redid for one of my husband's soldiers. He loved the way it turned out!

This last one is reminiscent of the zinc finish, also found a Restoration Hardware... I swear I love everything about that store, except the price...

So there you  have it, that's what I have been up to lately... a little this and whole lot of that.. I'm also in the process of redoing my bedroom, which includes a new shipment of Ikea goodies, weathered wood beams a deconstructed chair and a brick wall! I can't wait to show you!

Don't forget if your out and about in the 405 to stop by the OKC Farmer's Market on May 15-17, you can find more info about the show at

Au revoir,
                          ~ Summer
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