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Friday, April 10, 2015

Kitchen Makeover Series: DIY Concrete Countertops Part II

Ok, so last time I left you, we were here.  Waiting...You are going to want to repeat the steps 
after the first initial application.


Your second coat is going to go on much smoother, you won't have to do 
as much sanding as on the first.


Now you should let dry again over night, when fully cured, sand for a second time and make sure to get any bumps, lines and texture very very smooth.


At this point you should have a counter top that looks like this...

You can either choose to do a second coat, or apply your shiny sealant and be done with it!

I decided two coats was enough, below is the first coat of high gloss sealant for concrete.


Here is a close up.


We ended up doing 4 coats of sealant total, lightly sanding in between coats.

These counter tops have been in full effect for over 6 months now and still look the same as the first day we did them, no the sealant is a high level heat sealant but I would not take the chance of putting hot plates, pans, etc. on it... 


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