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Monday, August 31, 2015


Have you ever heard of Glossybox?

It's like Birchbox but seems more geared towards cosmetics.

Which is what I love!

So for my 34th..Errr.. I mean 29th birthday, Nichole got a me a three month subscription to Glossybox!


I love the packaging... 

you will always have me with a fancy pink gift box, 

it looks and feels quality.

I love the good size samples too!

This nail polish is to die for, I just had my nails done on Friday... Chiseled wood all weekend.. yes literally... and my nails are still on point.. 

I do need to redo the clear coat..

 but heck... 

that's just impressive...

If your looking for a great gift idea, might I suggest this... apparently it's $21 a month.. but the samples are nice size and seems really worth it... this nail polish alone is $18 bucks..

It's hard to tell in the picks but it's a dark raisin, plum color... not black.. I'm not goth...

But so far I am impressed with all the things I have received!

I can't wait until next month's!


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Re-Doux or Re-Dye

So last week I shared a post with you regarding my DIY Dye job on my sectional covers.

I told you how much I liked it, 
but was really leaning towards more of a darker grey...

Well long story short, I spent one ENTIRE evening redyeing them.

You can see the original here.

I love them even more, I used the iDye in Silver Grey. It was super easy to use, much easier then RIT dye, I wish I had done it from the get go.

To me, the sofa looks much more inviting and really gives the room a nice contrast while still remaining neutral.. can I just say, my obsession for grey is growing by the minute!!

I also redid this little area, it has been a real source of contention in the living room and never looks right, I got the deer head from Hobby Lobby back in May for my craft show and have been trying to incorporate it into my decor for a while now.

I have some really cute white plates I'm going to add to it as well, 
after that the living room will be almost complete! 

I spent all weekend hand carving some beams for the ceiling,
 I will be installing them next weekend! I can't wait to share them with you!


Thursday, August 27, 2015

My 1961 Shasta Camper

I can't keep this little secret any longer! 

I was hoping by now, I would have more to show, 

but since the summer has flown by, I haven't had any time to do anything other than scheme...

So without further ado.. 

I present to you Cecilia!

 My 1961 Shasta that shall be turned into a traveling boutique in the near (hopefully very near) future.

So Ok, don't judge, she's a mess.. but she was $400 so I had to have a mess..

but what I love about her is this, she has a story.. 

and  a good one.. 

I would be willing to bet ole' Cecilia has seen it all...

Apparently she has been to the LJT Festival in Texas (Larry Joe Taylor) 

I believe she was signed by some pretty cool people..

Also, are you familiar with the Gas Monkey Garage? 

Well apparently she was part of the start up for their spin off show Fired Up or Misfit Garage.. 

whatever it is called.. 

I was told she was used as an office.. 

now I don't know why anyone would want her for an office... 

she's real beat up...

But, not for long... you'll see.. I have big plans! Grand ones if you will!

As you can see, I have my work cut out for me, 

luckily I have a handy husband and sweet sister in-law

who is going to start helping me out with this little blog... 

so I'm so excited for that!

Be sure to stay tuned, fall is  approaching ...

and I'm feeling the Itch to get this little girl going!!


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Slip covers to dye for

Last spring, I took on a huge project of sewing together a slip cover out of drop clothes from my dark brown sectional... mind you I have very basic sewing skills. 
I'm happy to report I am still using them to this day. 

But with all the revamping I've been doing, I needed a little change... shocking right?

So I ordered up some dye off of ebay and went to town.

I followed the directions and mixed up two cups of hot water per package of dye, I used 6 boxes total.
I used my front load washing machine and stuffed all the covers into it and then poured the dye mixture into the detergent slot while the machine filled up. 

I did the extra long wash so they could get good and saturated.

Since it was going to take 45 miutes and i was literally standing there watching the machine do it's thing, I decided I would go upstairs and bust out my cardio will real quick.

When I was done "workin on my fitness" I came back down and pulled out a beautiful light grey slip cover, the cover is still wet, but I'm loving it so far, I had to wash them again and then dry them...

So I made myself a dinner for champions... that's right it's Ramen.. don't judge... I haven't been grocery shopping in over a or two...??

Here's the difference between dyed and non-dyed.

I was really worried it wouldn't come out even, but sure enough it did...

Ignore the slump-i-ness of the covers,
 I didn't straighten it and this is the only photo I had of it currently..

I love the grey, however I am already ready to go a bit darker, the RIT Pearl grey just turned out a little too blue for my taste... I think I am going to try the iDye Silver grey...

We Shall see!

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