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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Re-Doux or Re-Dye

So last week I shared a post with you regarding my DIY Dye job on my sectional covers.

I told you how much I liked it, 
but was really leaning towards more of a darker grey...

Well long story short, I spent one ENTIRE evening redyeing them.

You can see the original here.

I love them even more, I used the iDye in Silver Grey. It was super easy to use, much easier then RIT dye, I wish I had done it from the get go.

To me, the sofa looks much more inviting and really gives the room a nice contrast while still remaining neutral.. can I just say, my obsession for grey is growing by the minute!!

I also redid this little area, it has been a real source of contention in the living room and never looks right, I got the deer head from Hobby Lobby back in May for my craft show and have been trying to incorporate it into my decor for a while now.

I have some really cute white plates I'm going to add to it as well, 
after that the living room will be almost complete! 

I spent all weekend hand carving some beams for the ceiling,
 I will be installing them next weekend! I can't wait to share them with you!


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