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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Slip covers to dye for

Last spring, I took on a huge project of sewing together a slip cover out of drop clothes from my dark brown sectional... mind you I have very basic sewing skills. 
I'm happy to report I am still using them to this day. 

But with all the revamping I've been doing, I needed a little change... shocking right?

So I ordered up some dye off of ebay and went to town.

I followed the directions and mixed up two cups of hot water per package of dye, I used 6 boxes total.
I used my front load washing machine and stuffed all the covers into it and then poured the dye mixture into the detergent slot while the machine filled up. 

I did the extra long wash so they could get good and saturated.

Since it was going to take 45 miutes and i was literally standing there watching the machine do it's thing, I decided I would go upstairs and bust out my cardio will real quick.

When I was done "workin on my fitness" I came back down and pulled out a beautiful light grey slip cover, the cover is still wet, but I'm loving it so far, I had to wash them again and then dry them...

So I made myself a dinner for champions... that's right it's Ramen.. don't judge... I haven't been grocery shopping in over a or two...??

Here's the difference between dyed and non-dyed.

I was really worried it wouldn't come out even, but sure enough it did...

Ignore the slump-i-ness of the covers,
 I didn't straighten it and this is the only photo I had of it currently..

I love the grey, however I am already ready to go a bit darker, the RIT Pearl grey just turned out a little too blue for my taste... I think I am going to try the iDye Silver grey...

We Shall see!


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