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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How to spray cabinet hardware

What you will need:

A primer to bond your top coat to hardware. I used Rustoleum Bonding Primer, 
I found mine at Lowe's.

Decide what Color of spray paint you want, then purchase said spray paint.

You will also need some sort of protective coating. I always use Minwax Poly in the spray can and my fave finish is Satin. {{Side not: if you are doing a lighter color the poly could yellow over time.}}

And last but not least... your hardware... that should be a given, but hey, I'm thorough:)

I sprayed mine outside on our outdoor dining table, I had some large pieces of cardboard so I used that to protect my surface. but any type of plastic or craft paper would do just fine.

Be sure to lay them out so you have enough room to spray them from all angles.

You are going to start with your Rustoleum bonding primer. 
The key to this is light even coats. I did three.
You don't have to spray to heavy on the first try.

You probably won't be able to get all angles from one position, 
so once one coat has dried, flip them over to start on the other side.

Once these have dried, you can apply your topcoat.

 I let my dry over night just to be on the safe side.

I realize I am probably the only person wanting to bring back gold in there bathroom, I just had a conversation with friends who were on a mission to eliminate all gold from their home.

I silently laughed.

You see, I like what I like. I don't care what's trendy or popular. Don't get me wrong, I do follow up on trends and if I like them then I proceed. But, I love gold, and actually gold is making a comeback and it's definitely making one in my home.

Now you are going to want to follow the above steps again and 
spray light coats until you have and even finish from all angles.

Then as my last step I did four coats of the polyurethane.

I let them dry two hours each in between.

Now you are ready to test fit!


Do you love it? I sure do!

I can't wait to share my bathroom makeover with you, we're talking painted cabinets, hardware and faux painted counter tops!

It's taking a bit longer than I anticipated, but so far it's turning out fantastic and I am loving the results and especially the low price in which I am achieving this look for!

More coming soon!


Monday, September 28, 2015

Bathroom Renovation: During - Painting Cabinets

So when I last left you, we were here, soaking in the before. 

I could not wait to get rid of those white cabinets, they showed everything! I was crazy for even thinking I could maintain an all white bathroom! Ha!

I started painting about two weekends ago, I chose a color by Valspar called Royal Navy, it was gorgeous on the sample chip. Do you feel a but coming? Because there is...

But when it went on, it was a terrible, and I am always a big fan of Valspar but not sure if it was because it was dark going on white or what.. but it was terrible.

I used to think it was so crazy when I would here people say they were scared to DIY, that they would mess it up... until I did this and for half a second {more like 25 minutes}
 I was petrified of what I had gotten myself into!

I had made my homemade chalk paint and was just trying to get the first coat on as best I could. It's like the paint didn't want to adhere tho.. and when it dried it was looking all kinds of turquoise... and I don't do turquoise...nothing wrong with it.. but just not for me...

So I decide instead of pouting or taking it back and wasting even more time, I would darken it myself, I had a can of Valspar Black.. just plain premixed black.. I mixed in a little bit and wa-lah, came out the color it was suppose to be on the sample card.

Almost a deep blue black. I'm not going to lie, for some reason it took me nearly 5-6 coats to get this how I wanted it, plus the tub with a large window sits across and it faces west so when that afternoon sun hit, you could see every blotch, stroke and mistake that had happened.

I can honestly say I have never had a project take me so long!

 I really believe it's because there white that it was such an issue.

But when I finally got it done, I loved the color! It's totally not my norm and It's definitely not my beloved grey... and I might even be a little out of my comfort zone, but I love it!

 And, hey it's good to get out the shell every once in a while.

So I just want to say, trust the process, and remember it's paint.. you can always redo it.. yes it will suck.. no doubt about that.. but it's not permanent! Just keep that in mind!

If I have learned one thing over the past 8 years of painting and remodeling, is that all paint reacts differently from brand to brand and batch to batch. 

Just keep going, even my project looked frightening in the beginning and I have been doing this for a cool minute... so trust yourself, have some confidence a little faith and a damn good paint brush!

I always say the right tool always makes the job easier and there is a right tool for every project!

I also sprayed my black handles gold and I love the contrast! 
Navy and Gold were just meant to go together! And I'm glad they united in my bathroom!

I finished it with a quick coat of poly and now I'm onto the counter-tops!

 Wish me luck;) 

Just kidding, I've already done them, 
but here's to hopping they hold up real, real well!


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bathroom Renovation: Before

So a couple of weekends ago I decided I would redo our bathroom, I posted a few pics of some inspiration and the first one I posted ended up being the hue I chose for the cabinet color.

I would say a month or two ago, I painted the walls the same color as the trim, which is Sherwin Williams Dover White. They were originally SW Studio Taupe, but I absolutely hate this color, it reminds me of the first house we built, 
and I loved that house but immediately regretted that color choice. So I have been on a mission to eradicate it completely out of our home.. well except of course the ceiling... 

Have you ever painted a ceiling? 

It's a nightmare, so until I can pony up the dough 
to have it painted they are going to stay two toned!

But here is our bathroom, or at least my side of the bathroom, the other side is my husband's single vanity cabinet and the tub {{which is gorgeous}} and is what sold me on the house! 

I'll have to get  a good shot of it once I gather all my  products and mess away from it! 

My original plan was to have an all white bathroom,

 I mentioned in my inspiration  post,
that I was going to paint the Corian to look like Marble.. 
but when I saw that pic with the navy cabinets and marble, I fell in love!

So let's just take a moment and soak up all this whiteness...

And those counter tops.

I shall reveal the outcome soon! Stay tuned!


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fall Inspiration

Good Morning Friends!

I wanted to slow down a bit this morning and share with you a few snaps from around my home.. just in-case your needing some inspiration for yours.

I've been busy with the bathroom remodel and really with just everyday life, 
which I know you heard that!:)

So here are a few pics I shared on Instagram lately!

This shot is from my fall tablescape from last year.

I just love that little cake stand I got! So cute!

Here is one I shared of our Blue & White Transferware that I scored at the thrift store!

My new cotton bud wreath!

Overall shot...

I styled my porch the other day, still not done, 
waiting for the stores to get more real pumpkins and what not.

My adorable bear!

My wheelbarrow that will become a permanent porch fixture throughout the seasons!

Well that's all she wrote folks, I'll have a post soon on my bathroom remodel! 
I can't wait to show you!

Happy Fall Ya'll!


Monday, September 21, 2015

A Cozy Fall Fire Place

Fall is a wonderful time of year!

 It brings a warmth of coziness, camp fires, boots and sweaters,
hot chocolate and good company. 

It's one of my favorite times of the year.

One of my most favorite spots to decorate in my home is my mantle.
 Our home was not built with a fireplace unfortunately, 
so one of the first things I did was order an electric one before we even moved in.

I want to eventually give it a more built in look, but for now this will suffice. I recently just painted it to coordinate with the wall color. It was more of a cream color.
You can check out last years mantle here.

This years mantle is all about pine cones, I incorporated old and new decor.

I ended up painting some of the new pumpkins in the Waverly Chalk Paint I had found at Walmart and I love the tonality they bring to the overall neutral pallet.

I absolutely love this flannel print, I used it last year,
 but so far I haven't found anything I like better. 

I picked this up last year from Hobby Lobby.

I absolutely love my new pine cone garland!

I also added a new assortment of acorns.

So that's it, pretty simple, and a good mix of old and new.

When do you all decorate your mantle's?

 I'm pretty early this year!


Friday, September 18, 2015

Adding Fall To Your Decor

Last weekend I got absolutely nothing I had originally planned done, 
because I got to busy playing with fall.

I still have half a bathroom that needs to be done!
But this weather has got me into a Fall Frenzy!

I wanted to share with you a few things I do to add Fall Flare to my home.

I typically have hydrangeas or Lavender for the spring and summer 
and some hydrangeas stay all year round.

But in this particular pitcher I had Lavender so I replaced it with more fall looking floral.

I have also been obsessing over these cotton wreaths. I think they are so whimsical and dreamy. 
They instantly add fall flare.

I had origianlly bought this to go outside on our door that leads from the porch to the kitchen,
but decided I didn't want to take a chance on ruining it.

 So I  hung him on Mr. Deer and I think it's the perfect fit!

I have added many other fall items, like pine cones {that my collected for me all  year long, so sweet} and acorns and other assorted pumpkins and gourds.

 I will share soon!

My porch is really coming along, I have finally incorporated my 
wheelbarrow that I painted last fall and never used!

I got a few mums, I just love them!
And I absolutely love the smell of straw! 

What sort of things do you add your decor? Are you a seasonal decorator?
 I used to not be.

It's expensive, I won't lie, but I try to get things I can use from year to year. Each year I add a little more and little more. Soon I'll need my own shed for all my seasonal decor.

But I do love the warmth and coziness it adds to the home, 
plus it breaks up your every day look.

Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dreaming of Productivity: a new craft room

I have been doing a lot of dreaming and scheming lately regarding my craft room.

I redid it last Christmas and you can see it here.

But honestly it does nothing for me and really isn't even a place I want to be in. 

Back to the drawing boards.

I think what I really need is fresh new coat of paint on the walls.  Something light and more modern.

I love the paint I used downstairs and I may just use that?

I'm also going to  get rid of that desk and build a large simple wood craft table.

BUT!! In the mean time, here are some swoon worthy studios I found while researching.

This space above is fantastic! I could create here for hours!

I love the plants and all the natural light, that's one thing my room has going for it, tons of light!

Just look at this floor...

I love this big practical table!

Light, Bright and Airy.. that seems to be the common theme..

{{All Photos via Pinterst and Internet}}

Time to get crackin'...


Monday, September 14, 2015


Neutral Fall: Paint Those Pumpkins!

Every year it's the same ole' song and dance... I look for neutral fall decor and then get discouraged because I can't find it, and I'm sorry, but I just will not settle for orange.. any where in my home.

It just doesn't belong.

So this year I decide to get a head start on my Fall decorating. I have made a few changes on the inside, but my main focus right now is my porch. I have a cozy little wrap around porch that is just begging for a fall face lift!

 So I am obliging:)

Saturday morning I got up and made my way to to our local Walmart to see if I could find straw. I have a wheelbarrow I painted last year and I am going to finally incorporate it into my decor..

Walmart surprisingly had everything I needed and then some. I found a few foam pumpkins, of course orange and I found sack of assorted gourds and pumpkins...

While scoping the isles I spotted this!

Walmart carries chalk paint? Say what? And it's only $5.98?? Whaaaaa?

And, I just loved this color as soon as I saw it! Celery! It's the perfect minty green.
So,  I grabbed a few bottles of the Waverly paint in Celery, Ivory and Silver.

The perfect trio!

And can I just say I love the packaging... I mean a simple twist top? 


I  just threw away six cans of Annie Sloan paint that dried out 
cause the lid got crusty and wouldn't seal.. 
so for me.. this is perfect!

I painted my pumpkins, let the first coat dry and touched up spots where the orange bled threw..

And let me just say, this stuff is pretty great, I love the size, the colors, it's thick and goes on good and dries to a creamy smooth matte finish.

Waverly, I will definitely be keeping you on hand!

Once they were dry I arranged them in my wheelbarrow and they look so cute!
There the exact colors I was looking for but can never find.

Don't be afraid to recreate something, your not stuck with anything. If you can't find what you like, create it! I got everything you see here.. except for the giant gourds at Walmart.

This would also be a fun project to do with the kiddos!

I can't wait to finish the porch and give you a tour of it!
I'm ordering some of those cute pillows I posted Friday for the outdoor sofa, 
I can't wait till they come in!

Hopefully soon!

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