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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Thanksgiving Table Tour 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! 
I'm doing a dry run today on my tablescape and wanted to share it with you 
for some of your own inspiration.

I originally thought I wasn't even going to decorate the table, 
I mean I'm cooking so I felt like that's enough:-/ but... the hostess with the mostess crept in and 

I decided to throw a little something together!

I remembered my dad had givin me this box.. 
it actually held all his old vinyls {that he gave to me}.It's been sitting in my 
junk room for the last year. 

I loved Liz Marie's table from {} and I knew I wanted to
 do something in that arena of pumpkins and hydrangeas. 

Have you checked out her blog? Wow! Swoon!!

Ok back to my table.. so I thought to myself.. I need a box.. but where to do I get one at 10 o'clock at night {I started this late last night}? Then it dawned on me.... Oh ya!

The best part it's vintage... which I love! So I went, pulled out all the old records,
 dusted it off and 

Since I have already started to decorate for Christmas, 

I had an abundance of fall decor,so I was able to make this full and lush.

I'm actually going to start cooking today as well.. call me crazy but I love my food the next day after all the seasoning and flavors have really settled in!

We are also going to fry our turkey this year, 
I have had a fried turkey before, but I have never made my own, 
so I am excited!

I think I am going to double up on my cardio today too..
 if I have the energy.. 
you know after I finish cleaning, decorating, and cooking...

No sweat tho, I got this.. 
I love it any how, and it's our first Thanksgiving with my brother and sister in-law home! 

So I am soooo grateful for that!

So cheers to another fantastic Thanksgiving Season!
I hope you all have a fantastic day tomorrow and may your hearts be just as 
full as your tummies!


Monday, November 23, 2015

How to: DIY Flock a Christmas Tree

If your like me, you have searched for the past few years for flocking, 
only to discover, no one carries it?

I tried to find tutorials but all I could find were things about the 
snow in a can or making it with soap? 

Neither of which peaked my interest...

However I must admit that I did use the snow in a can last year, 
and it's basically white spray paint that never dries.. yup... 

So once a gain this year, I found myself standing in the isle's of Hobby Lobby saying to myself.. is this what I use? Will this work?...

So here is what I did...

I bought a bag of the "powdered snow" I got the fine version of it.
I bought a can of spray adhesive
 and I got my trusty little water bottle out.

What I am about to tell you is so hard to understand... no just kidding... actually putting this blog post together was more time consuming than the actual project:)

Basically I sprayed a branch with the spray glue, then I threw/sprinkled the snow on, If I wanted a bit more of a snowy look I resprayed over the snow 
I just sprinkled with the spray glue and then re-sprinkled snow again..

 Once I went over my entire tree, I spritzed it with water and let it dry for an hour. I am honestly not sure if the water really does anything, but I felt like it did...
so I just did it for good measure...made me feel better!

Be sure to spray outside or in your garage, the glue is pretty strong and it makes a pretty big mess with the snow... I sprayed out in my camper that I am renovating.. doesn't make for the prettiest picture, but it kept the wind off me and the snow on my trees!

I ended up doing a total of five trees from one bag of snow.

I also sprayed the urns with Chalky Spray Paint and love how it turned out.

Here's one of the little trees and I just love how french country it is now.. 
with just a little paint and some fake snow!

I hope this helps, my snow has stayed on it's been a few days now, if you bump into it, it does fall off a bit, but not terrible. I expect it would last for next year if you bag your trees... I literally toss mine in the attic on Jan 2, so I suppose I will re-flock for next year!


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

New Sofa

Happy Hump Day friends, It's mid week, only two more days till the weekend!
Good news...for me that is.. we got our long awaited sofa! 
We ended up having to wait two full weeks.

I must say it was worth it.
 This sofa is absolutely beautiful. 

It's my dream sofa... {{do you feel a but coming}}


why am not as pumped as I should be?

Maybe cause I'm spoiled, ungrateful and never satisfied? 
Perhaps, maybe cause deep down I feel guilty for spending 
all this money on a light colored gorgeous sofa that I know will get ruined... 
it's just a matter of time...
or maybe because I build things up so much in my head 
that the reality of the real situation is just such a let down...

Whatever it may be, I know one thing, I need to buck up, 
be thankful for what I have and stop worrying about what I don't have... 
just today I had to drag myself off the computer and give myself a "speech " about how I don't need more Christmas items and the last thing I need to do is to get myself into more credit card debt... 

you wouldn't think that would even need to be a speech

but it was..

This is the month of giving and thanks. 
So I want to say thank you, thank you for reading this, 
thank you for liking my FB page, 
following me on Instagram.. 
just a big ole thank you!

It's easy to get wrapped up in what everyone else has got going on, 
that you forget just how luck you truly are.

So with that said, here's my sofa, that I am thankful for.

I feel like such a douche bag for even telling you this, especially after that whole speech, but {it is what it is, lol} when we got the sofa home, I didn't take into account how much leg room would be lost with the corner piece of the sectional, so the same day we brought it home, 
I called and order an extra piece to extend one side of it.. 
and maybe that's what it has been all along..
 yeah I'm sure that's it.. 

I just need more, RIGHT!

I was good tho too,... I worked with all the things I had, above, I repainted the little drum table, it hadn't been waxed in this pic, but it looks really good.

I also rearranged items to give the room a whole new look and feel.

I only ordered one new thing, which I totally told myself I would not have a rug again but after getting the sofa in, it just feels cold...and it slides around.

When I saw this rug, I absolutely loved it, 
it reminds me of the blue and white vases that absolutely adore.

Plus it got fantastic reviews, and everyone said it was true to the color of the photo and great quality.

I really think it is going to tie the whole room together.

I also am making some "cowhide" pillows for the sofa. 
I found this fabric at Hancock Fabrics and I absolutely loved it.

I can't wait to show you the completed room.
 I'm also trying to get everything done before I start decorating for Christmas...

I'm trying to hold off.. but I don't think I can.. 
I'm pretty sure the tree will go up this week.


Friday, November 13, 2015

Follow Up Friday~ A reflection of the week

I can't believe it's Fri-YAY!!

For real tho, where does the time go...
So here we are for the second weekly #followupfriday

I really don't feel like I got a lot accomplished this week.. I feel like I have been in a stand still...

It's been getting cooler here in Oklahoma so I busted out my new flannel sheets, I also introduced Charlotte, she is our new kitty we rescued from the shelter. This is week 3 here at home and she is adjusting really well. She's super sweet and rotten at the same time.. As you can see she loves to play and was super pumped about putting the new sheets on!

It was my brother-in-laws birthday last weekend and we went and celebrated. I also got the bathroom cleaned, and since I was cleaned up and the bathroom was cleaned up... I snapped a selfie!

I also finished my chair. It turned out better than I ever thought it would. 
This was my first time with tufts and I'm pretty sure I nailed it..
 I mean there not the best tufts but they are pretty dang good for a first go around..

I finally de-cluttered the bedroom and got it all cleaned up, I also got a new shaggy pillow and I love it.. but I have to report that Petunia (my Shar-Pei) clawed up my bedding... 
she's getting evicted out of the bedroom...

And speaking of Evictions, I had to go to the court house and file an eviction for our renter, he turned our sweet little home into a flop house. Just in case you don't know what a flop house is.. it's where Junkies go to get high... Noiiiiiiiccccce!

I go to court on Tuesday!

I shared a tutorial on the craft table my husband so sweetly made for me! You can find the tutorial here!

And last but not least, here's a pic of Charlotte, we are on day 14 of no sofa... 
and her little face pretty much sums up how everyone feels about it..

I'm hoping today or Saturday is the day we get a call that it has arrived!
I cannot wait! I will never take a sofa for granted again!

Hope everyone had a fantastic week and hope you have an even better weekend!
Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

DIY Craft Table

During the summer my wonderful husband created a fantastic 
craft table for me, after I showed him some designs I liked.

I wanted to share with you our process through pics, like I said this was several months ago so I can't remember all the details but as they say.. pictures are worth a thousand words!

Supply List:

1 -Sheet of 4x8x.75" Oak ply wood
2- 4x4x8 cedar posts
2- 2x4x8 cedar boards
wood glue
compound miter saw

First, we started by cutting the plywood, we took off a foot.
 I wanted my table to be 4ft by 7ft, yup a beast!

Then we cut the post to 36" each. 
I wanted to be able to stand at my table and work comfortably if I wanted too.

We then measured and cut the 2x6 to make the skirt for around the table.

We then mitered each corner, you will need a compound miter saw for this. I don't remember what the angles are but if you google "how to miter corners" there's tons of posts telling you extactly the angles to set  your saw at.  If you don't have a saw you can always rent one from Home Depot. 
I asked for one for

We placed the skirting on top of the plywood just to make sure it lined up. 
We also worked out of the back of our truck, it made it a lot easier height wise.

We glued and screwed the boards together.

As you can see the top is built. We had to build this in sections, because it was going upstairs and there was no way this giant table was going to fit in the stairwell or take any corners.

Once we carried the top upstairs we then attached the legs.

As you can see at this point I hadn't painted the walls yet... yuck I hate the color they chose for the house, I have been on a mission to change the entire house! I'm finally getting close too!

My husband made a little template here to place the screws.

As you can see it's really starting to take shape.

For extra stability and design purposes... mostly design purposes, I wanted to have cross members.

This is where the cedar 2x4's come in. 

We cut one into two pieces to go in between the 4ft section on each side.

Then length ways, we screwed in one for the 7ft section.


We knocked this out in literally a couple hours and it cost right at $100.
This table has been Amazing! I absolutely love using my craft room/studio now!

Not too Shabby!


Friday, November 6, 2015

Follow Up Friday~ a reflection of the week

Happy Friday!! I'm starting a new thing...Follow Up Friday..

 well I think I'm starting it...

it could already be a 'thing' out in blog land..
 sorry if I'm 'coining' someone else's thing! LOL!

 Basically on Friday's instead of racking my brain for meaningful post,  I just want to reflect and share pics of my week and what I did accomplish and or didn't accomplish...

I mean most of us like blogs for the pics right...? Be honest!

I shared this and all of these images on IG, I am waiting for my new sofa as I had mentioned earlier and decided to start new.. so I purged the living room!
 I took pictures off of walls, knick knacks off shelves...pillows...etc... you get it..

I bought this fabric on Tudesday night to make pillow for new said sofa and
ended up reupholstering this chair?

But it turned out so dreamy!! I can't wait to show it to you!!

I shared my Kitchen Reveal! I discussed paint colors and how much
 one little change can make such a huge difference!

I finally hung up my little boxwood wreath over my bed...after owning it for nearly a month or longer!

I started on some sewing projects and finally used my
new sewing station in my new craft room...
that I need to show you!

I shared this on IG for a little hashtag game to show your fav piece of art... I painted this for our previous home... made me realize how much I miss painting...

I started working with polymer clay and I love it!

So fun and interesting..

these will be in my Etsy Shop soon!

I gave the blog a new look...which hopefully you noticed..:)

Man... I feel like I accomplished alot... however I didn't work out as much as I had hoped to or study as much as I needed too either...

So I need to do better on that home front! But I am loving productive weeks!

Cheers Friends, and have a fabulous weekend!

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