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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

DIY Tobacco Basket

Since the weather has been uncooperative, we have taken a much needed hiatus from the rent house.

The past two days have been pure bliss. My husband and I have both been able to work on our projects and crafts. I craft and he works on building his 1960 Ford 100 truck.

It's been heaven!

So a few weeks back I came across a tutorial by Lucy with Craftberry Bush 
on how to make a DIY Tobacco Basket.

I must admit, I have been lusting over these lately but with prices 
from anywhere from $75 to $250, I just couldn't pull the trigger..

So I started searching for DIY options, 
and that's when I saw Lucy's and it was so cute!

So here is my process and how I did mine. 

To see Craftberry Bush' tutorial click here

I did mine a little differently.

First I could not find the exact veneer from Home Depot that she purchased. The one I found had an adhesive on the back of it, I was bummed at first but it ended up working to my advantage.

My sheet was 24"x48"

I measured my strips in 1.5"

I got a scrap board I had lying around and ended up using it as a straight edge, 
and marked the lines in pencil.

Next I cut out the strips.

I laid my strips out in the pattern and amount I wanted.

Now here is where mine differs, I used a glue gun instead of stapling. I was afraid since I only had 48" of veneer to work with I wouldn't have enough to cover staples.

Since the strips had adhesive on the back, I raised the strips I was going to glue up to it, so I wouldn't glue them to the floor, but you could also put something like a cloth down.
 I'm just lazy and impatient!

But since the strips did have adhesive on the back the hot glue 
gun melted the adhesive and made the two bond even more.


Finish weaving and gluing the strips, your basket should start taking shape.

If I could offer you any advice one thing would be to pull out the veneer and unroll 
it in the opposite direction before you begin this project. 
 It comes with the veneer side out, but this makes the strips go down instead of curling up.
 As you can see in the picture.

So I ended up doing this...

Next take another one of your long strips and place it at the end, your going to glue them down and then start curving them to the other side. 

 This starts forming your basket and curling it in.

Your basket should start taking shape. As you can see mine is not perfect. 
But I like that it's perfectly imperfect. 
I don't think the authentic ones look perfect.

I added two strips to form an x, for design and also helps the basket to be more sturdy.

I also ended up putting another one in the center vertically.

At this point I trimmed off any edges that protruded.

I took this out to the garage to stain it. 
You can stain first like Lucy did, but I just didn't...
 again impatient!

I used stain that I had on hand... it really wasn't what I wanted..

So I mixed up a wash with grey paint. Just paint and water. 
I brushed this on and wiped off...
 it helped to give it a more aged and rustic look.

Here you can see one side with the wash and the left without.

I didn't think about the stain drawing the strips up and actually helping to form the basket even more..

So I took some extra strips and placed the veneer side out on the outside of the basket.. so if you see it from the side it looks finished when hanging on the wall.

I ended up giving the basked another coat of stain and wash and
 I really like how it turned out.

I'm not sure if I am going to keep it in this spot. 
I feel like I need one a little smaller. 

So I think I will use this one for staging purposes at our
 rent house and make another one that fits the space a little better.

But for less than $20, I think it's a keeper and I am so glad Lucy shared her tutorial!

Thanks for stopping by!


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