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Monday, December 28, 2015

Rent House Renovation: The Kitchen

So.. I hope Christmas was everything you hoped it was.

We spent ours working on our rent house. We just so want to get this over with and the market! 
So, we sacrificed Christmas day to get it done..

The cabinets are done.

I painted them in Behr Frost. It's a very light white grey.

I absolutely love how clean and more modern they look now!
Please excuse the mess.. we are very messy renovators!

I had originally planned to paint the island in a dark grey. 
But I decided to paint it in a light mint green. 

The color is in the back splash and I think it's really going to pull it out and tie it all in.
Plus I wanted a light and fresh farmhouse look and I think the green
 is more farmhouse than the grey.

Here it is, with the first coat. I always make chalk paint so
 I can avoid sanding, but it always make for a runny, streaky first coat.

Here it is with the second coat.
I love the color.
 I was afraid it would be too light, but it came out the perfect hue!

I have started on the counter tops.
 I am concreting them and I think they are going to look amazing.
 The sides of the island are flush with the counter, so I am going to
do a waterfall edge with the concrete.

I think it is going to look amazing! I can't wait!!

And I promise, eventually the pictures will get better!


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