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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Rent House Renovation: New DIY Concrete Countertops

Our little Urban Farmhouse is really coming along. 
Back when we purchased this home in 2012, 
I painted the counter tops. 
Please don't ask me why I chose dark brown? 
I have no idea why I did half the things I did in this house... 

I mean really, 
I look at some stuff and think... 


 I must say, that these counter tops although not very attractive, 
held up for three years of renting.

So really, I gotta give myself a pat on the back!

Here is where we started.


I knew I was going to keep the counter tops in some sort of DIY fashion, so I just needed to decide wether or not I was going to repaint like a marble or do concrete.

I decided I would do concrete. I thought they would like nicer and a little more high end, plus I got the great idea to make the island a water fall edge with the concrete.

Oh by the way, I have a tutorial of when I did my mom's concrete counter tops here.

Here's the waterfall edge. I thought this would make it a little 
more contemporary and just a really unique look.

If your not sure what a waterfall edge is, it is where the counter top 
comes all the way down on the sides.

I think they look really amazing! And am loving how they are turning out!

I think it makes the kitchen look lighter, brighter, cleaner, 
larger and the tile back splash looks less busy and stands out more as a focal point.

I did two coats on the island and started on the back countertops.

I have the first coat done and am ready to sand and put on the second coat.

There were a few spots where the trowel gouged the concrete and made scratches, 
so I just patched a few places here and there.

This waterfall edge on the formica was a real pain to get the concrete on.
I really wish they had just done a regular square edge.

Here is a shot right after I had sanded!

It gets so dusty!!

Once the dust settled and I cleaned off the island, 
I was able to put on the first coat of sealer.

I will end up doing 4 to five coats.

I want it very glossy.

So far the house is really coming along. We are getting the tiling done in the master bath and the carpet is being installed in the bedrooms after the New Year.

We only have a few more projects to finish up and it will be ready to clean and stage... then List!!!

Oh Happy Days!!


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