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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Rent House Renovation

Hi friends, I have been MIA since Thanksgiving! I wanted to touch base and let you know what I have been up to.. I promise I haven't been slacking.. but I have been holding out on ya;)

So if you follow me on IG then you know, I have been in the process of taking our Renter to court for eviction. On the 17th of November I was granted possession of our home and Thanksgiving weekend, we started cleaning and renovating. 
It has been a long process and I mean looooong process..

I also started my new part time job, so as soon as I am off, 
I head to the rent house and start working on it.

Lately I have just felt so overwhelmed and have missed just the simple things like... writing a blog post or making a necklace.

I decided to take the quick 10 minutes I have and share with you what I have been up too.

So, I am posting some photos of how the house was left... just in case you were curious how junkies lived ... and these were the good photos.. there were way grosser ones.. 
but I thought I would spare you...

{{back story~ it wasn't always like this, they were awesome in the beginning for like 2.5 years, but then the wife left the husband because of his prescription drug abuse and job loss/refusal to work and things spiraled for him after that, I discovered he had been cooking meth in bottles (aka the one pot method)  .. also he had even reduced himself to taking the dogs medication from the vet?? Eventually he turned it into a flop house where his little friends would come "hang" out.  
It's so sad what drugs can do to someone}}

This was the moment we knew things were real bad.. we had gotten several calls from the security system company the night before, one of the calls they dispatched the police, to me, they look like they got scared and started burning all there little meth pots, it's a bunch of plastic bottle and spoons, baggys and foil burning in the grill?? 

Who does that? 

Oh, Crack heads.. 
that's who! 

Needless to say, this welfare check is what started the whole process and thus why we are renovating to sell and never be landlords again!

So as soon as we cleared and cleaned the house, my mom and I started painting it. I went to the Home Depot and chose the Behr paint colors Silver Polish for the walls and Silver Bullet for the trim. My sister in-law had done a similar combo with Sherwin Williams with lighter walls and darker trim and I just loved it, so I decided for this little house it would get the same treatment.

There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint, eh??!!

I am repainting the kitchen cabinets in HD Behr Frost. 

A very light white grey.

I'm going to redo the countertops in concrete, I put that current back splash on in 2012 when it was all the rage.. and this here friends is why we don't do trends.. I'm seriously regretting it, however, I'm not ripping money off the wall and throwing it away. I think once I get a solid counter top,
 it will look less busy.

I hope.

The bedrooms got re-textured and will get new carpet.

We have everything painted but the bathrooms and cabinets now. 

My friends, when I say I am so ready to be done with this, I mean I am SOOOO ready to be done.  I originally thought I would want to flip homes for a living... I'm seriously rethinking that.. it is hard on the body. In fact we are taking two days off just to recoup.

 I'm already starting to get sloppy and not care... 
a sure fire sign it's time to rest!

Sorry these pics are not pretty by any means, but hey it's a process... I'm pretty sure by the time it's ready to list they will be IG worthy photos!

Until Next time friends!


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