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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Dewberry Christmas Party 2015

Every year, our dear friends John & Rachel Dewberry 
put on a Christmas Party of Epic proportions.

This year did not disappoint. 
 I wish I took a pic of the feast they provided... 
you would have been blown away..

and all this loveliness is hosted in their charming historic home.

John & Rachel
And if you are wondering about the logo in the corner..
John and Rachel own Dewberry Cinema and Cheesebox.
They are ultra talented and do wedding and promo type videos.
The Cheesebox is an amazing photo booth created and
built by them ( not one of those cheesy booths that spits out pics in a stream).
 Soooo... if you are in the OKC area and are looking for wedding or
special event cinematography or want the Cheesebox at your next event,
be sure to check them out!

This party is something we all look forward to every year, 
and I haven't missed one in five years!

The faux snow is always the best!

Oh and I cut my bangs...or Fringe, if you will.. (to be said in a snotty voice)..

It just happened, and... I'm kinda glad it did:)

I seriously hope when we are all in our 80's  we are still hamming it up in the Cheesebox.

Our dear friend is pregnant with her second sweet daughter Olive May Fox.. 
I can't wait to meet her!

I have so enjoyed gathering with friends, 
we all get so busy throughout the year that the 
(ya we'll get together soon... well, soon, never happens).

Part of my resolution is to make more time for friends. 
Be more available, let myself be "inconvenienced", 
I am so guilty of this.
 I always think I have way too much to do, but the truth is.. 

it can wait.. 

it won't go anywhere... 

trust me...

Be blessed ya'll and enjoy the rest of 2015.. it's fleeting...


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