January 2016 | Raising A Farmhouse

Friday, January 29, 2016

Farmhouse Blanket Ladder and Gorgeous New Blanket

So last weekend, I shared on IG how I had bought some birch logs and 
whipped up this little Birch log Blanket Ladder... 
No biggie right?!?

This was so simple, and I don't really have a tutorial per-say,
 but I thought I would roughly share how I did it...

First and foremost, you need some lumber of some sort. 
I found these little gems at a wholesale market I go to. I have seen them at
 Hobby Lobby and heard that Joann's carries them... 
I don't know if that's true in all stores however... 
or if your lucky enough to have a mature birch tree.. 
get to hackin!

I used three birch logs, the third one I cut 4 strips at about a foot each.
I then had my husband pre-drill the holes on the sides of the two main pieces.

I lined them up with the step logs and drilled screws into the sides.

And Ta-da... that's it folks...really 

and now look...behold the cutest little decorative piece ever:)

And, take a gander at that blanket!! 
I got this from Target when I bought some staging stuff for our 
rental that we are selling (I feel like a broken record, but just in case someone
 knew is looking around, we are redoing our rent home and getting ready to sell it)

I can tell you one thing, my blue and white obsession is not going away anytime soon.
I am convinced it is the best thing ever, and when I went to 
Target they had so much Navy accent color items, I couldn't believe it.

Usually my obsessions and what's readily available in stores, never coincide.
So it's currently like Christmas for me:)

If you want to see how I shiplaped this wall, take a look here;)

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Friday!


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Craft Room Reveal

I meant to show my craft room back when I posted my Craft Table Tutorial

But I digress, it got lost in the shuffle of life... but better late than never!

My craft room is upstairs and in a room that we call the light tower.
 It has windows all the way around and has the most amazing light filtering in.

I knew as soon as I saw this space, it would be a perfect studio.
I don't really feel like this space needs a play by play, 
so I'll just skip the commentary and look you browse around!

Thanks for stopping by friends! I hope you enjoyed! 
Looking at this last pic makes me real desperate 
for spring to arrive... how about you:)


Monday, January 25, 2016

DIY Faux Shiplap

I have been obsessing over shiplap for a while now,
 I knew in 2015 that I wanted to add it to several places in my home in the new year.  So on one of our rescent four day weekends, my husband was sweet enough to go to lowes and get me 
7 hardboards (Masonite) and have them rip them in 6" strips for me. 
This saved me a ton of work and time,
 plus they did it for free and it took them like 5 minutes... so ya... I mean... why not!

As you can see, the wall in our living room is quite large, so I knew this would an awesome feature wall and since I was going to paint it lighter, I knew it would give the room an all over brighter appearance. Plus, this is the first wall you see when you enter into our home.

I also did a smaller wall in the kitchen, so 7 boards did both walls and for under $70.

Materials Needed:

  1. Ripped Hardboard in 6" strips
  2. Airgun Nailer
  3. Adhesive if you feel like you need it (for back of boards)
  4. One of the following: (or in my case, all three)
  5. Miter Saw
  6. Jig Saw
  7. Table Saw
  8. White Paint
  9. Bristle Brush

I did this by myself with a miter saw and a brad nailer. I would recommend if you can get someone to help you, do. Even tho my boards were only 4ft long, they still were a bit difficult and would shift some. My wall is not perfect, some boards did not line up correctly. That was partly me and partly when they were cut they are not 100% accurate, so some boards are 6" some are give or take a few..

But lucky for me, I'm not bothered by imperfections, I love when things are perfectly imperfect. I feel it lends to the authenticity and adds more character, or at least that's what I'm telling myself:)

So, on this wall, I started on the top and worked my way down. For the second row, I would cut one of the 4ft section boards in half so that way the seams would stagger.

I started out using a nickel as a spacer, but after the damn thing fell a bazillion times, 
I resorted to just 'eye balling' it.

Don't get to discouraged at this point, it doesn't look so hot, but once you put the paint on, it covers many imperfection and makes the seams pop.

I painted my boards with a bristle brush instead of a roller, yes it was a pain and yes it took forever, but I wanted them to look old and worn and you won't get that with a roller.

I don't know what it is about white paint, but I just love it! 
I swear if I could paint everything white, I would!

I think my husband would kill me tho...

I just finished up the final pieces, this weekend. I had to cut some major angles around the stair case, I had to use a jig saw for that too.

I still need to finish up the very very bottom. I need 2" wide pieces, so I am going to have to wait until I get my table saw back from my dad's. but in the meantime, 
I am going to paint it white so it blends a bit better.

All in all, this wall took me one whole day. But I broke it up into two half days..
Not bad tho for such an awesome result.

I love the modern farmhouse feel it lends to our sweet little farmhouse.
I feel like this is how it should have looked all along.

I want to shiplap our guest bath, guest bedroom and the future nursery...

But who knows...

Thanks for stopping by guys, hope you enjoyed this!


Friday, January 15, 2016

IG Giveaway! Win a Hand Painted Rug

Happy Friday Folks! 
I am so excited to announce that I have teamed up with
 Hello Love Handmade on Instagram and together we are 
hosting my very first #giveaway!

To enter got to @hellolovehandmade and follow the rules they have listed.

I will be giving away a leopard Hand Painted Faux Cowhide rug!
This is the exact rug you will win that is in the pictures below!

These rugs are hand painted by yours truly:)

They are aprox. 3'x5'. The edges are raw {not sewn} but because of the 
the protective coating, you don't have to worry about unraveling. 

These rugs are the perfect option for folks with allergies.

They are highly durable and easy to wipe clean.

They offer a high end look for a fraction of the price of real cow hides.

Plus they are cruelty free! Win Win!

They also look super fantastic layered over patterned rugs.

I will also be offering a 10% discount across my entire Etsy Shop, just use the code LOVEIT10.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you win;)

Good luck and have a fabulous weekend!


Monday, January 11, 2016

Rent House Renovation: New Carpet

Happy Monday Folks, hope you had a nice and relaxing weekend!
We got some snow here in the great state of Oklahoma and I was more than ecstatic!

I just love snow, and I don't feel like it's winter without it...

So I wanted to share an update with you on the rent house.  I told you last week we would be getting carpet and we did! They installed in on Monday and I just love how it turned out.

We went with the Berber carpet, I'm a big fan of this carpet because it doesn't matte, it never looks dirty and you don't HAVE to vacuum as often.. I know you should, 
but it doesn't look disgusting if you don't...

As you can see we got the tiling done and it looks amazing! This room went from a disaster to looking pretty dang great. I textured the walls and they got a new coat of paint and a on the trim as well. I went with a lighter wall and a darker trim and I am loving this trend. I would love to do it in my own home. Plus it just seems so much more practical. I mean, my baseboards are the first thing to get gross, especially when they are white.

Loving the entrance to the bedroom, I really feel like this was a great decision to make, it opened the room up and I feel like it extends the bathroom a bit.

These pics were literally right after they installed so excuse the little carpet fuzzies everywhere:)

The second bedroom got the same treatment as well.

I had to go back over the baseboards in this room because the underside of the carpet was like a giant piece of sandpaper on them. But now they are good as new!

Thanks for stopping by, and Have a fantastic rest of your day!


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Master Bathroom Decor Reveal

It's Wednesday and if you only work a 4 day work week like myself,
 then you know tomorrow is your Friday! 

And.. Boom!! Does it feel good!:)
But, I really didn't mean to rub that one in... I promise... I know how bad working sucks...

So back on point...

Since I last shared with you, I showed you a couple of down right.. not very... attractive bathrooms.

Over the summer I gave our Master bath a mini makeover. I painted the cabinets, redid the counter tops, added frames to the mirrors and tiled the steps to the tub.

You can check all that out here and the before here.

But last time I had left you where my bathroom was concerned, was how I was going to decorate it.
I was really torn, because the rest of my house is super neutral and very french country/farmhouse.

But when I added a ticking stripe duvet to the bedroom that had a dark blue stripe, 
I began a love affair with Navy, and I thought, should I? Could I?  

What would people say?? GASP! 

No, just kidding on that last part...  I do's what I pleases.

So I went for it, and here we are several months later and I am still loving it.

But I contemplated how to decorate it, cause let's face it navy white and gold 
can get real bold and modern, real quick...

So I did the only rational thing I could. I used what I had.

Yup, everything you see here is what I already had on hand.

And thus, why it is so bold... it's my left over, my overflow of unwanted colorful and bold items.

I took the red rug from down stairs and placed it in the bath and instantly 
the space came alive, even Neal (my husband) said he loved it.. like immediately. 
That's huge, cause he's a hater.

All the "marble" you see here, used to be Corian, until i painted it. Yup you read that right. That is painted faux marble! I will be doing a tutorial soon on how I created it.

I also layered on one of my little faux cowhide rugs. 
These things are so fun and cute and best of all, they are cruelty free.

And guess what, coming up on Jan 15, I am partnering with Hello Love Handmade to do a give away of one of these adorable little rugs on Instagram. 
So be sure to be looking for that!

You can also purchase them here on my Etsy.

Ok, enough of the shameless plug:)

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed my little bath tour. 
I know it's not my usual style, but it's fun to shake things up every now and again.

Until next time friends!


Monday, January 4, 2016

Rent House Renovation: Bathroom Progress

Bathrooms have got to be my least favorite part to renovate, 
and I'm not sure why, maybe it's because their usually tighter 
spaces with lots of nooks and crannies... IDK..

But I wanted to share with you our progress...

Below is the master bath in our little farm house.

Since I took these pics, I have painted the dark grey walls in the Silver Polish wall color, 
and it looks so much better.

I also took down that chandelier and am going to find a vintage school 
house type looking light that is a wall mount.

I think it will save space and make the ceiling look taller.

We found our tile at Habitat for Hummanity for the floor. 
It's a modern rectangular tile that has a marble look to it. 

Best Part, it was only $.99

I really love how it has brightened up the space. 
It has opened it up and has made it feel larger.

We went out past the bathroom to give a sort of an entry way to the bedroom.
The new carpet is getting put in today! 

I can't wait to see it.

This is the guest bath.

It's the biggest violator of them all.

I'm going to paint the tile of the shower. It's a terrible color and I can't stand it. 
I would love to re-tile it, but our budget or timeline doesn't call for it.

I'm going to repaint the cabinet in the same color as the island, as you can see I have already painted over the walls with the Silver Polish.

This small change has really made a big difference already.

I decided I am going to faux finish and paint the cultured marble counter top.
I want to make it look like grey soap stone.


I got the Shower painted on Friday and finished the final coat on Saturday.
I used the Rustoleum tub and tile paint. It was a real beast of a project.. I'm talking full on respirator.

But I love the results and I think it will hold up really well.
 It feels like real porcelain and it looks 76 times better than it did.

Before. First Coat. Third Coat.

Well folks I will have more updates coming soon.

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