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Friday, January 29, 2016

Farmhouse Blanket Ladder and Gorgeous New Blanket

So last weekend, I shared on IG how I had bought some birch logs and 
whipped up this little Birch log Blanket Ladder... 
No biggie right?!?

This was so simple, and I don't really have a tutorial per-say,
 but I thought I would roughly share how I did it...

First and foremost, you need some lumber of some sort. 
I found these little gems at a wholesale market I go to. I have seen them at
 Hobby Lobby and heard that Joann's carries them... 
I don't know if that's true in all stores however... 
or if your lucky enough to have a mature birch tree.. 
get to hackin!

I used three birch logs, the third one I cut 4 strips at about a foot each.
I then had my husband pre-drill the holes on the sides of the two main pieces.

I lined them up with the step logs and drilled screws into the sides.

And Ta-da... that's it folks...really 

and now look...behold the cutest little decorative piece ever:)

And, take a gander at that blanket!! 
I got this from Target when I bought some staging stuff for our 
rental that we are selling (I feel like a broken record, but just in case someone
 knew is looking around, we are redoing our rent home and getting ready to sell it)

I can tell you one thing, my blue and white obsession is not going away anytime soon.
I am convinced it is the best thing ever, and when I went to 
Target they had so much Navy accent color items, I couldn't believe it.

Usually my obsessions and what's readily available in stores, never coincide.
So it's currently like Christmas for me:)

If you want to see how I shiplaped this wall, take a look here;)

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Friday!


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