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Monday, January 4, 2016

Rent House Renovation: Bathroom Progress

Bathrooms have got to be my least favorite part to renovate, 
and I'm not sure why, maybe it's because their usually tighter 
spaces with lots of nooks and crannies... IDK..

But I wanted to share with you our progress...

Below is the master bath in our little farm house.

Since I took these pics, I have painted the dark grey walls in the Silver Polish wall color, 
and it looks so much better.

I also took down that chandelier and am going to find a vintage school 
house type looking light that is a wall mount.

I think it will save space and make the ceiling look taller.

We found our tile at Habitat for Hummanity for the floor. 
It's a modern rectangular tile that has a marble look to it. 

Best Part, it was only $.99

I really love how it has brightened up the space. 
It has opened it up and has made it feel larger.

We went out past the bathroom to give a sort of an entry way to the bedroom.
The new carpet is getting put in today! 

I can't wait to see it.

This is the guest bath.

It's the biggest violator of them all.

I'm going to paint the tile of the shower. It's a terrible color and I can't stand it. 
I would love to re-tile it, but our budget or timeline doesn't call for it.

I'm going to repaint the cabinet in the same color as the island, as you can see I have already painted over the walls with the Silver Polish.

This small change has really made a big difference already.

I decided I am going to faux finish and paint the cultured marble counter top.
I want to make it look like grey soap stone.


I got the Shower painted on Friday and finished the final coat on Saturday.
I used the Rustoleum tub and tile paint. It was a real beast of a project.. I'm talking full on respirator.

But I love the results and I think it will hold up really well.
 It feels like real porcelain and it looks 76 times better than it did.

Before. First Coat. Third Coat.

Well folks I will have more updates coming soon.


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