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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Why You Should Shiplap Something...

You know how it's so funny when you're in the moment and your like... 
it can't get any better than this?

I remember when we got our new sofa and I was like, yes! 
 Finally it looks and feels how I want it too!

And then you know how a couple days or even a week goes by and you're back to the same ole' feeling of ... huh...what am I not loving?

And by now your probably asking.. what is your point? What are you even talking about... well, I'm talking about shiplap of course!
I wanted to share some side by side comparisons so you could see the 
difference a little shiplap makes.



I was sitting here on a Friday night looking through my phone while my husband is away at school {ya that's right, I'm wild} and I was blown away by the before and after... I had completely forgot how un-awesome it looked before.. but I remember thinking how awesome it did look at the time...
If that makes since...

It's funny when you think it can't get better... and then it totally does.. like way better!

So just in case you have been hem-hawing around about doing this project... I wanted to show you that you should, and what a huge difference it makes!

I'm currently working on some rugs for the Etsy shop...
I can't wait to show you;)

Have a great day guys!


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