March 2016 | Raising A Farmhouse

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

How to Paint your Corian Countertops to Look Like Marble

I have been meaning to post this tutorial for quite some time now. but just never
 got around to actually writing it up.

When I decided to paint my counter tops, which I have done before in our rental home, I never could find anything about anyone painting Corian in the history of EVER.
Everything was about formica.

So I knew if I did it, I would be flying blind on whether or not it would work or hold up.

So after much debating, I said "screw it, I'm doing it!"

I am happy to say that six months later they are holding up well.

If you remember, this is how my bathroom started out here

So without further ado, I'm going to show you how to get your
 Corian counter tops to look like Marble.


Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring is a New Beginning!

There is just something so magical about spring, don't you think!
It's a promise of a new start.

And with that being said... I need to promise to start cleaning this weekend! 
Fingers Crossed!!

Now is the time to organize, clean and throw out to begin a new start.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

DIY: Cheap and Easy White Pitchers from the Thirft Store

Ever been searching for the perfect white pitcher 
or want to grow the collection you already have?

I take thrift store pitchers and spray them white. 
Yup that's right, super easy and cheap.

Just how I like it;)

I posted this pic this morning on Insta, I didn't realize how much folks would appreciate it.
I captioned it with " I find my pitchers from a thrift store and spray them white"
I kinda thought I was being redundant and everyone knew about this... 
I was wrong.. 
so I'm so glad that I posted it.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Update on the Garden

Monday was the nicest day I think we have had so far, so immediately I went to Lowes and took back some evergreen trees that had died in my pots from last summer.

While I was browsing I stumbled upon some gladiola bulbs. So, I purchased a few bags for the garden, I love the look of random bulbs growing in the ground.

I think it will be perfect for when I get my hens.

Which I have been doing tons of research on and I decided I want Cochins.
There super fluffy and gorgeous.
I'm thinking I may have to mail order them... I didn't know you could do that,
 but apparently its a 'thing'.


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Planning a Secret Garden

So ever since I was a little girl and read that book the Secret Garden.... 
you guessed it... 
I have wanted a secret garden. 

So 28 years later, here we are...

When we bought our home, it did not have a fence, however it had this large dog run/pin. 
We connected our fence to it and left it as it's own stand alone pin... 
We tried one time to put our dogs in there when we had a party and they nearly tore the fence down trying to get out... that's what happens when you treat them like humans.

So needless to say it's the perfect place to house a garden and a chicken coop.
It's treesy, shady and has tons of vines growing on the fence that gives it so much character.
 And mind you, these shots are from just last week, so nothing has really bloomed yet.

This area below is going to be where the garden is. It gets full sun all day. I still haven't decided if I'm going to do raised beds and just bring dirt in or till up the ground and go straight in. 
We have really great soil. 
I'm just worried about weeds?

This Indian Hawthorn is my favorite, it just grows wild all over our property.

I can envision this area with a charming little English garden that looks 
wild and unplanned and perfect.

I want to plant a ton of Iris' and Tulips and ornamental grasses.

Here's a shot of the backyard that is going to get some much needed TLC this summer.
We have started enclosing in our pavilion, you see to the left just above the pool.

We have been collecting old vintage windows and just did 
the back side of the pavilion.

I think it's going to look really great when we get done.
We have so much going on right now and so much we want to do, that time 
and materials are the biggest factor.

It's so hard for me to prioritize and plan that some things may not make
 the list this season and that's difficult, cause I want it all done now!

But I suppose I would have nothing to post about if it's all done... 
or maybe I could just take pretty photos of post those... 
that would be nice:)

Here's to dreaming!

Have a great day friends!


Monday, March 14, 2016

How to get a French Country layered paint finish


So, when I last posted I had been toying with the design of my hutch, did I want to  do an all over solid charcoal or a layered paint finish? Well I decided to do a layered finish,
 I wanted the hutch to look very French country.

I started off by mixing up a custom greige color, and applied that all over.
 I used regular paint I had lying around, but you would probably want to 
mix up your own chalk paint, especially if your going over an un-sanded finish.

Next I dry brushed on the darkest color, with an 1.5" bristle brush.

Just going over random spots.

All over... This is what is going to add depth to your finish.

Next I used my second darkest  color, which was called Silver and was a very light grey.

I dry brushed with the same brush, do not rinse brush with water just apply 
the color with the other old color still on it.

Once that dried, I used a 3" brush to dry brush on my white. 
This was my last step, paint wise..

I applied the white in a very wispy thin layer all over. 
This makes the paint and all the color look cohesive.

By now your piece should be looking like this, you should be seeing the layers coming through.

I love how old and rustic it looks. 

Like the paint has patina'd over the years.

At this point you could apply a wax or a polyacrylic.. 
I didn't do either, I wanted mine to have a nice flat rustic finish..

I love how it turned out and it carries through out the color palette in our home.

I really couldn't be happier:)

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to ask any questions if you need help or advice:)


Friday, March 11, 2016

TGIF and for New Pants!

So I'm ending the week on a good note, I survived my first day at my new job on Wednesday.
I was hired with a 10 minute phone call and the next day was told I got the job?? HUH? That's a government contract for ya.. so I had no idea what I was walking into... it's an Army support position...that's all I knew... 
I was so nervous I went out at 6 o'clock in the evening on Tuesday to buy new black pants.. well... as per usual a trip for just ONE pair of pants turned into to four new pairs of pants a skirt and red blouse... cause I don't have any red... so I had to right?

Here's my new ivory slacks... I need to find a good full length mirror for my bedroom... this crouching business is no bueno...

Gotta love those farmhouse stairs tho? Right?? I'm so glad I never altered them... however I do want to change the railing on them to due due time...

But I was able to take this dope mirror we {my hubs & I} call this selfie inception... 
a selfie within a selfie...

Yes we are dorks.

This week I moved my flower arrangement from my dining table to my living room to showcase my framed grain sack... This is pretty huge for me cause I'm guilty of being stuck with buying something for somewhere particular and it having to stay there...

But some times, it's nice to change.

I also got rid of that gawd awful light fixture you see below.
I installed one of my chandeliers that I took from the rent house, it's so cute. I'm in the process of redoing this area that leads into the nursery and the guest bath.
I'm thinking of adding a faux board and batten look.

And the guest bath... UGH... we are getting there...slowly but surely... I have a few final touches I'm searching for... you know.. it's just gotta be perfect.

But here's a little peek;)

I also got my hutch done. I have a tutorial coming soon on how I did the finish! 
I love how it turned out. I feel it fits the space and decor better.

Here's the before.

And the after...

Well that's it for me guys, I hope you have a fantastic Friday!


Thursday, March 10, 2016

Creating a Spring Vignette for Little to Nothing

So last night I whipped up this little vignette with things
 I had already lying around the house.

I posted a pic of it for a fun little # on IG.

The biggest bang for your buck is walking out into your yard and or neighborhood and clipping some fresh blossoms off your trees.

These are from our pear trees... I can't wait for the Dog Woods to bloom.. these pear blooms stink..
Seriously, like smell really bad... I had to toss them out after I got the shots.. 
which sucks cause they are so pretty!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

French Provincial Hutch Makeover

Happy March, can you believe Spring is right around the corner?
I'm so ready!
I'm def ready to do some much needed spring cleaning..

This week I decided I am going to give my hutch another makeover.
I found this gem at my local Habitat for $29, what a steal, it had some damage as
 you can see in the before pic, there was a large hole in the back of it. But for that kind of money, heck I would accepted and fixed much worse. I had always wanted one of these but nearly all of them have been plucked and redone by furniture restorers on CL who want sell them for $500.. 
ya no thanks..
Seriously, all you did was paint it white? 
Come on now...

So it rocked the three tone Annie Sloan Chalk paint look for the last three years,
 and I really think I'm ready for something fresh and different.

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