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Thursday, March 24, 2016

DIY: Cheap and Easy White Pitchers from the Thirft Store

Ever been searching for the perfect white pitcher 
or want to grow the collection you already have?

I take thrift store pitchers and spray them white. 
Yup that's right, super easy and cheap.

Just how I like it;)

I posted this pic this morning on Insta, I didn't realize how much folks would appreciate it.
I captioned it with " I find my pitchers from a thrift store and spray them white"
I kinda thought I was being redundant and everyone knew about this... 
I was wrong.. 
so I'm so glad that I posted it.


Of course as you can see in the pic, some of the paint rubs off, but you could use either
 Rustoleum white spray or chalk paint and brush it on.

I just like the chalky spray and wanted something super quick and easy. 
Plus mine sit up in the china hutch, so they aren't handled alot.


This is such and easy way to get a country farmhouse look 
without spending a ton of money!

Never doubt the power of a can of spray paint!


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