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Monday, March 14, 2016

How to get a French Country layered paint finish


So, when I last posted I had been toying with the design of my hutch, did I want to  do an all over solid charcoal or a layered paint finish? Well I decided to do a layered finish,
 I wanted the hutch to look very French country.

I started off by mixing up a custom greige color, and applied that all over.
 I used regular paint I had lying around, but you would probably want to 
mix up your own chalk paint, especially if your going over an un-sanded finish.

Next I dry brushed on the darkest color, with an 1.5" bristle brush.

Just going over random spots.

All over... This is what is going to add depth to your finish.

Next I used my second darkest  color, which was called Silver and was a very light grey.

I dry brushed with the same brush, do not rinse brush with water just apply 
the color with the other old color still on it.

Once that dried, I used a 3" brush to dry brush on my white. 
This was my last step, paint wise..

I applied the white in a very wispy thin layer all over. 
This makes the paint and all the color look cohesive.

By now your piece should be looking like this, you should be seeing the layers coming through.

I love how old and rustic it looks. 

Like the paint has patina'd over the years.

At this point you could apply a wax or a polyacrylic.. 
I didn't do either, I wanted mine to have a nice flat rustic finish..

I love how it turned out and it carries through out the color palette in our home.

I really couldn't be happier:)

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to ask any questions if you need help or advice:)


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