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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Planning a Secret Garden

So ever since I was a little girl and read that book the Secret Garden.... 
you guessed it... 
I have wanted a secret garden. 

So 28 years later, here we are...

When we bought our home, it did not have a fence, however it had this large dog run/pin. 
We connected our fence to it and left it as it's own stand alone pin... 
We tried one time to put our dogs in there when we had a party and they nearly tore the fence down trying to get out... that's what happens when you treat them like humans.

So needless to say it's the perfect place to house a garden and a chicken coop.
It's treesy, shady and has tons of vines growing on the fence that gives it so much character.
 And mind you, these shots are from just last week, so nothing has really bloomed yet.

This area below is going to be where the garden is. It gets full sun all day. I still haven't decided if I'm going to do raised beds and just bring dirt in or till up the ground and go straight in. 
We have really great soil. 
I'm just worried about weeds?

This Indian Hawthorn is my favorite, it just grows wild all over our property.

I can envision this area with a charming little English garden that looks 
wild and unplanned and perfect.

I want to plant a ton of Iris' and Tulips and ornamental grasses.

Here's a shot of the backyard that is going to get some much needed TLC this summer.
We have started enclosing in our pavilion, you see to the left just above the pool.

We have been collecting old vintage windows and just did 
the back side of the pavilion.

I think it's going to look really great when we get done.
We have so much going on right now and so much we want to do, that time 
and materials are the biggest factor.

It's so hard for me to prioritize and plan that some things may not make
 the list this season and that's difficult, cause I want it all done now!

But I suppose I would have nothing to post about if it's all done... 
or maybe I could just take pretty photos of post those... 
that would be nice:)

Here's to dreaming!

Have a great day friends!


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