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Friday, March 11, 2016

TGIF and for New Pants!

So I'm ending the week on a good note, I survived my first day at my new job on Wednesday.
I was hired with a 10 minute phone call and the next day was told I got the job?? HUH? That's a government contract for ya.. so I had no idea what I was walking into... it's an Army support position...that's all I knew... 
I was so nervous I went out at 6 o'clock in the evening on Tuesday to buy new black pants.. well... as per usual a trip for just ONE pair of pants turned into to four new pairs of pants a skirt and red blouse... cause I don't have any red... so I had to right?

Here's my new ivory slacks... I need to find a good full length mirror for my bedroom... this crouching business is no bueno...

Gotta love those farmhouse stairs tho? Right?? I'm so glad I never altered them... however I do want to change the railing on them to due due time...

But I was able to take this dope mirror we {my hubs & I} call this selfie inception... 
a selfie within a selfie...

Yes we are dorks.

This week I moved my flower arrangement from my dining table to my living room to showcase my framed grain sack... This is pretty huge for me cause I'm guilty of being stuck with buying something for somewhere particular and it having to stay there...

But some times, it's nice to change.

I also got rid of that gawd awful light fixture you see below.
I installed one of my chandeliers that I took from the rent house, it's so cute. I'm in the process of redoing this area that leads into the nursery and the guest bath.
I'm thinking of adding a faux board and batten look.

And the guest bath... UGH... we are getting there...slowly but surely... I have a few final touches I'm searching for... you know.. it's just gotta be perfect.

But here's a little peek;)

I also got my hutch done. I have a tutorial coming soon on how I did the finish! 
I love how it turned out. I feel it fits the space and decor better.

Here's the before.

And the after...

Well that's it for me guys, I hope you have a fantastic Friday!


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