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Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring is a New Beginning!

There is just something so magical about spring, don't you think!
It's a promise of a new start.

And with that being said... I need to promise to start cleaning this weekend! 
Fingers Crossed!!

Now is the time to organize, clean and throw out to begin a new start.

I always photograph my dining room, it's one of my fave spots in my home.
I think the reason is cause it's so simple and not cluttered with decor.
I need to apply that approach to the rest of my home and really it is.
I think if I just kept it straightened up, it would look fantastic.

But that is easier said then done. At least for me.

But with this three day weekend I was blessed with, I need to take full advantage of it 
and also work on the guest bath.

Have a fantastic and productive Friday/Weekend friends!


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