April 2016 | Raising A Farmhouse

Friday, April 22, 2016

Chick Update

Happy Friday! My sweet little nuggets are doing just swell!
They are a little over two weeks old now and have finally taken their first trip 
outside to dig and scratch in their new home.

They loved it!


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Liebster Award

Happy Monday  oops... I mean Wednesday ya'll! We have been working like crazy here around the Harvey homestead, we slaved all weekend over our 1961 Shasta Camper and I'm happy to say we got 90% of it demoed and on our way with repairs. It's a lot more work than we anticipated, seeing how almost every piece of wood in the wall structure was crumbling...wah..wah... 
but that's just how the dice rolls, ya know!

My sweet IG friend Stephanie at The Coen & Beau Show nominated me for 
the Liebster Award!
Thank you so much for thinking of me!


Monday, April 18, 2016

New Metal Farmhouse Sign

Happy Monday friends!
What a weekend, I spent most of it working on our camper before the rain came into town!
I wanted to share with you the latest gem I snagged.
Do you guys follow Decor Steals on IG +Decor Steals 
Everyday they post a steal of deal for home decor.

One day while sitting at work board, 
I pulled up my IG feed and low and behold, 
there was a post from Decor Steals offering 
this sweet little  HUGE sign.

Being the sweet tea sippin, farm house lovin, southern belle that I am,
I knew I had to covet this sign... and quickly.

Friday, April 15, 2016

WearLex: The Perfect Everyday Necklace

Happy Friday!!

Hi Friends, I wanted to visit with you today about a new jewelry line that
 I am completely in-love with.
Usually I don't go for simplistic jewelry styles, but when Lex from Wearlex contacted me about collaborating with her and asked me take a look at her jewelry, I was blown away.
You can find this necklace here

Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Pop of Animal Print

I just love a pop of animal print. Don't you? 
Sometimes it's just so unexpected and really 
what a room needs to give it some drama and edge.

This little gem will be sent off to its new home this week.
My Etsy has been picking up lately, which has been really amazing.

They {ETSY}have also added an option to start your own web store and
 I thought it might be kinda cool just to shop directly off my blog here...

Something to at least think about...

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring Chicks

If you follow me on IG then you saw my post of my sweet little chick...

I got them last week and they are growing like weeds.
I ordered 8 assorted chicks, 7 hens and 1 Roo.

Sadly we lost a sweet little baby girl on Saturday night.
It was super heart breaking, but she had gotten separated in the box from the other chicks during shipping, when I found her she was under some straw in the corner of the box, 
I think she just got so cold, that she just couldn't recover.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Adding Touches of Spring with Florals to your Farmhouse Decor

I have been doing some major re-arranging at the Harvey homestead.
It's like as soon as I get it the way I want it looking, it's time to change it.
Or at least in my head.

So I stopped by Wall's and picked up some florals they had in stock.
I would love to tell you that I purchase fresh flowers every week because they are just so magical and bring an amazing feel to the whole home.. blah blah blah...

But let's be real... 
I don't have that kind of money, and even if I did, 
I wouldn't throw it down the tubes
on something that dies.

Just my thoughts.

Especially when they make them look so life like.
I mean these aren't even the super good quality ones, and they look pretty dang good.

I think I picked the gladiolas up for like $1.50 and the lilies for like $2.50 a piece.
Not too shabby.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Best Fish Tacos Eva

I don't often or actually ever post recipes, it's not really my thing, but sometimes you come across one that is so dang good it makes you stop dead in your tracks and declare...

"I have to share this!!"

Ladies and Gentleman... who are we kidding...Ladies..;)

I give you the most fantastic taco recipe I have ever had the pleasure of tasting!
I typically do not like tacos.. 

But I like different and unique.
And these definitely fit the bill.

 When I cooked these up the other night, I was so shocked at how much I loved them.
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