June 2016 | Raising A Farmhouse

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Backyard Makeover: DIY Outdoor rustic kicthen

There is nothing like saying the words "let's have a get together" that gets your buns in gear to get projects/cleaning done around your home that you have been procrastinating on for months.
That is exactly what is going on at the Harvey Homestead.
We decided we would have a small gathering for a few friends and fam for the 4th of July, while doing so, we also decided our back patio was in dire need of some TLC.

So in comes the brilliant idea of let's make an outdoor kitchen.
When we built our first home back in 2008 we had an outdoor kitchen built.. by professionals.
It was beautiful, but was also expensive cause it was bricked and we ended up getting it at a reasonable price, and it was still expensive... way more than we wanted to spend currently.

So we set off to our local Lowe's and picked up some 2x4's and cedar fence posts and with a little determination and basic carpentry skills, we embarked on creating a little rustic kitchen.
Neal (The Husband) drew out the basic design, which really was just boxes...
let's be honest..
and I designed the way it would look and which way the boards would go..
you know, the real design:)
As you can see in the pic below, the red cedar boards do not match the ones I picked for the grill.
The red ones, were picked by the hubs when he went to Lowe's without me the first time.
They are not my style and after we loved how much the grill boards looked,
we decided to rip off the outer boards and get more of the other ones.

The cedar is not stained, this batch of fence posts just looked like that and they are perfect!
I love the variations and the tone of the wood.

When my mom moved into her new (old) house, she took out the wet bar that was
 in the living room,so I confiscated the piece of granite and knew one day
 I would use it on the patio, that was over two years ago.
So since then, it has sat under our car port and has been moved around,
 fallen over etc. so, needless to say the faucet that was on there broke off.
 I was glad tho, cause it was just a small cheap looking little bar sink faucet. 
 So, I went to lowes and picked up a nice single hole faucet with a sprayer.
And after much arguing with Neal about how the
faucet wasn't too big and it would fit in the hole...
he installed it...
and guess what,
it's not too big and it also fit in the hole....
Wow... I knew it the whole time:)
So here is the cabinet with the same wood as the grill... much more uniformed.
We also added a piece in the back to make a back splash.

I love how everything blends and makes the patio such a functional space.
I can't wait to actually start using this space.
We have really gotten into meal prepping in the past few weeks
so this is going to come in quite handy.
For over three years the patio has looked less than stellar,
so this will be such a nice and welcomed change.

It's still in the rough stage, we still need to hook up the water to the faucet,
stack wood underneath, hang up our utencils on the wall and decorate.
But I am loving the progress, it turned out better than I thought, and best of all, we did it!
We picked up these chairs from the Home Depot, we had looked at them a little
while ago and really wanted them but at the time couldn't justify buying them
 especially since we were making payments on two homes while waiting for the rental to sell.
Well, last weekend we went back to Home Depot
 and they were $100 off the original price and only had two left!
I'm so glad we waited. There are very few instances when I'm glad I waited to purchase something,
 I'm usually the opposite and regret it cause it's gone and then I lust for it for the rest of  my life...maybe not so much... but at least a good week or two...

I'm pretty sure that rug is not staying there, I just threw it in for good measure.
I'm kinda of thinking about doing a painted rug on the concrete?
I would love to by an outdoor rug, but I really don't like spending money and then the dogs ruin it.
So I'm kinda leaning on  painting something and that way no harm no foul..
I guess we shall see...
This is really just stage one of our back yard make over...
 I have a pea gravel patio/fire pit I want to make and our hot tub pavillion needs some attention.
This spring we moved our outdoor shed/barn to the back yard from the rent house,
 we got it painted and it looks terrific, but now it needs landscaping.
I suppose some things will have to wait till next year,
but I am so ready to get to the point where we just enjoy the fruits of our labor.
But I know we are still in the building stage,
and building a homestead takes time, money, sweat, cursing and tears:)
I hope you enjoyed a peek at our progress, there will be more to come!


Monday, June 27, 2016

New Jute Rug for Bedroom

I'm so excited! Why you ask?
Well my new rug for the bedroom came in!
I had originally planned to get a tribal geometric  rug, it was so pretty, but at the 
last second I chose this grey jute rug.

I'm so glad I did,  since I have a patterned floor I really didn't need to add any more elements.
But what I did need to add was some texture.

And I got it.


Friday, June 24, 2016

Farmhouse Hutch Makeover

So I finally tackled the inside of my farmhouse hutch makeover.
We got this beauty from Habitat for Humanity a few months back when 
we were staging our rent house to sale.

I decided to paint the hutch using Sweet Pickins Milk Paint in cream.
This was my first time using milk paint, 
and I must say I enjoyed the authentic chippiness it provided.
It looks as though it was originally 
white and has aged over time.


Thursday, June 23, 2016

It's Heating up

If you follow me on IG, then you saw my recent pic of our new girls.
They are already a week and old and growing so fast.
The summer heat is in full force and we are trying to get the back
 patio ready for some gatherings with our friends and family.

We are currently working on a little rustic outdoor kitchen.

 But like all projects, the heat and working with your significant other always brings 
out the best MONSTER in you, 
so hopefully we will wrap it up soon before someone kills each other... 
or sets something on fire..
 as my husband suggested when I critiqued his work.....

I made some corn pops for the chickens the other day to help cool them off... 
as you can see they really enjoy them.

Hopefully I will have progress pics soon of the back patio... 
or really any pics for that matter.

Have a good one and don't be a stranger:)


Thursday, June 16, 2016

First Egg!

The other day this happened!
When I opened Coco and Sookie's coop, 
I was so surprised to see this perfect little tiny egg!
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