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Thursday, June 16, 2016

First Egg!

The other day this happened!
When I opened Coco and Sookie's coop, 
I was so surprised to see this perfect little tiny egg!

It looks pretty good size in my hand, but it's actually little bitty.
When I opened the coop, there Coco was just sitting on top of it..
so proud of her accomplishment.

I honestly didn't know if the Silkies would or could lay eggs, 
because I got them at a swapmeet and lots of times chickens are laid out there, 
so I had come to the conclusion that they were just going to be purely pets.

A few weeks ago I had posted on IG that we had a predator come into the chicken 
yard and still one of the chicks. I believe it was a hawk. 
It cause the others to fly out of the fenced yard and
 three flew into the yard with the dogs. 
Sadly two did not make it.

I was so heart broken.

That same day we beefed up our aerial security and ended up ordering more chicks.
I just got them yesterday and they are so cute and I forget how tiny they start out.
So we are back to square one and on pasty butt duty.

It's no fun,
 but getting that one little egg
 made me realize it was all worth it in the end.


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