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Monday, June 27, 2016

New Jute Rug for Bedroom

I'm so excited! Why you ask?
Well my new rug for the bedroom came in!
I had originally planned to get a tribal geometric  rug, it was so pretty, but at the 
last second I chose this grey jute rug.

I'm so glad I did,  since I have a patterned floor I really didn't need to add any more elements.
But what I did need to add was some texture.

And I got it.

This rug is so soft and thick and provides just enough of a rustic touch.
I also covered my bench, It was black leather and I was really just over it.
 I quickly made a little slipcover for it with drop cloth and... a hot glue gun....
Yup I was too lazy to even sew it!

I bought some new lamps for the bedroom.
 I need to spray them gold
 and hopefully, I will get around to that soon...

Lots of things going on around here, sometimes it's hard to keep things straight. 
We have been working day and night on our patio.

It's turning out better than I had planned.. Pics to come soon!

Have a great day!


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