July 2016 | Raising A Farmhouse

Monday, July 25, 2016

New Shop Coming Soon

Happy Monday Friends!
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!
Mine was jammed pack full of projects, as per usual.

you may be wondering to yourself, why I'm standing in front of this building
holding a sign that says coming soon?
Good question!

Well the answer is.... I have been given an opportunity of a life time!
Drum roll please...I will be opening my own home decor market!
That's right! 
Somebody pinch me!! 
Cause I seriously can't believe this is happening.

So here are the nitty gritty details... If you know me or have followed me on IG for a while you have probably heard me mention that my in-laws own a swap meet in OKC.
Well this here building is not on the swap meet, but is very close by and on a major street.

So this is how it all came to be...
So while visiting my in-laws and having a lovely evening sitting under a giant tree talking about absolutely everything and nothing at all, it got brought up about this little shop 
sitting quiet and empty with no prospects.
My father in-law has offered it to a couple of other family members, 
who really didn't want anything to do with it...
.insert me... 
who has been dying to get her creative little hands on it 
since I first laid eyes on it over 13 years ago.  

You see the thing is, most people see an old metal building, in an old part of town, 
next to an old swap meet and think... 
Why, would you even waste your time or money.

But what I see is potential, I see with a little time, money and lots of hard work, I could turn nothing into something pretty wonderful.

To be honest, I'm not worried about the old metal building, with the right landscaping and vision it can ooze charm, I'm also not worried about the old part of town, I see a chance to get in and be apart of a renewal process, I see being on one of the busiest roads in OKC with over 20K commuters daily. 
I also don't worry about the swap meet, and while I know a swap meet brings out most people who are looking for dirt cheap deals, I also know it brings out the collectors, the seekers and those who want a one of a kind item and maybe just maybe, they'll stop by my little place and have a look around. 
This swap meet also brings 10k visitors on any given weekend... 
I'm liking my odds... 
you feel me?

Right away, I renewed my LLC, filed a new DBA and filled out for a new sales tax permit.
Can you say excited! 
I also took photos and uploaded them into paint and did some very rough mock ups
But you can see what I'm going for here.

The Carriage Haus

I truly believe this shop has the potential to be great and
I'm so excited for this opportunity.
The shop is small and I will be finishing out around 1200 sq ft and have plenty of space for a studio in the back. 
I do  plan to open it to a few talented vendors but plan to keep the layout open and cohesive as if it were one large store.

I'm working with a paint line to secure a contract and carry their paint in the shop, I plan to offer classes and workshops. The east side of OKC currently does not have any specialty paint retailers other then the big box stores. You have to drive to north side to get any milk or chalk paints.

It will focus on modern farmhouse decor, 
but of course carry small gift items like candles, jewelry, soaps etc.

I have already began remodeling on the shop and can't wait to get some progress pics to show you.
You can of course bet on, lots of white and shiplap!

I'm definitely going to blog about this whole process, but that unfortunately means all home projects will go on the back burner for now.
I'm hoping we can have the shop done and ready to go by the new year.
Lots of work coming my way, but I can hardly wait!
More to come, so stay tuned!


Monday, July 11, 2016

10 ways to add farmhouse style to your kitchen

Don't you just despise Monday's.. I mean like really despise from the pit of your gut...
Ok maybe I'm getting a little morbid, they really aren't that bad I suppose.
Let's try this again...
It's a start of a fresh week!
So I wanted to bring you 10 fresh steps to creating a Farmhouse Kitchen.
These are simple styling tricks that you can ADD to any kitchen and they don't cost an arm and a leg.
So Don't worry if you don't have that Farmhouse or an Acreage full of livestock.
After you add these simple upgrades, your kitchen will be oozing with Farmhouse Charm!


1. Collections

If you are like me, you have been hoarding I mean collecting for most of your adult life. So why not put some of those collections, or at least the relevant ones on display in your kitchen.
The key to authentic farmhouse style is layers. Now if you are into the scandinavian farmhouse look, i.e very minimalist, this won't work for you probably... but for those of us with multiple mugs, plates, teacups, cake stands, cutting boards etc...
 put those bad boys to use and make a statement in your kitchen.
If you don't have a collection, start one, there is no time like the present.
Head to your local thrift stores, or buy and item once a week or month from your fav store,
before you know it,
you'll have yourself quite the bounty.
But just remember, there is fine line between collection and clutter... so use your space wisely,
you don't have to put every piece in there to make an impact.
Below I dispalyed my Noritake china I scored from a thrift store
at the end of my island.

2. Painted Cabinets

Now don't get me wrong, if you love stained cabinets and have them in your home you can still create a beautiful farmhouse kitchen. I think stained cabinets have there place in every type of decor.
But personally, I love a painted cabinet, it's just my opinion, and if your up for the challenge of painting them check out my post on how I changed mine here.
And no you don't have to paint them white to create farmhouse charm.
There are so many non- white kitchens that are just as striking and dreamy.
So have fun with it, choose a color that fits your style, personality and lifestyle.


3. Pitchers: White or Tin

I love a good pitcher..or..2...or 3...
Don't have any?
Go to the thrift store and pick some up, they always have them.
I wrote a post about spraying them white for some uniformity here.

4. Open Shelves 

We just rescently added open shelves to our kitchen and I love how 'open' it made the area.
It has such a rustic/industrial feel and I absolutely love them.
These were super simple and cost less than $60.
You can check out my post here.

5. Shiplap

You had to know I was going to make this suggestion... right?
Take a look at my DIY Shiplap Tutorial Here

6. Metal Signs/Typography

I got this metal sign a couple months back from Decor Steals on IG.
I love the simplistic farmhouse charm it adds to my kitchen.
Plus being an Oklahoma girl I love me some sweet tea...
I wish I could find a sign that said Sun Tea...
now that would be legit!
And if you have never had sun tea, you should!
You really can't call yourself country if you haven't..
or at least you shouldn't;)

  7. Painted Farmhouse Hutch/Buffet

I have both, well technically the hutch is in the dining room,
but our whole house is open so everything intertwines.
As for the buffet, you can see it above, it sits right underneath our open shelves.
I purchased it from Pier 1 back in 2011 and this year I gave it a makeover.

I picked up this hutch from Habitat last winter for $89 I painted her up in some milk paint and Ta-Da... I now have an authentic looking Farmhouse Hutch
with chippy deliscious paint and all!
Something like this at a furniture store would cost you well over $1K.
My redo cost less than $100.

8. Chandelier/Pendant Lights

There are so, so many options when it comes to lighting. Wheter you opt for industrial, bling, modern, french or whatever, you really can't go wrong. This is such a simple upgrade and will add so much drama to your kitchen. If you don't have an island, maybe hang a pendant over the sink or bar area. I think a chandelier in the center or the room regardeless if you have an island would be gorgeous. Overstock and Ebay are my favorite places to find in-expensive lighting.
I picked these chandy's up from Overstock for $88 a piece and they are real crystal,
you can't beat that with a stick!

9. Floral

OMGERSH... this is probably where I over do it a bit... really in my whole house..
but I love flowers, fresh or silk.
I think they bring such an elegance to your room.
Look for Gladiolas, lilies, hydrangeas, lavender and roses. These are some farmhouse favorites of mine. Everyonce in a while I will throw in an Orchid if I'm feeling a little more modern or transitional. I think you can mix flowers if you keep them in the same color family.
I have three different flowers right now in my kitchen alone. Gladiolas, Lilies and Hydrangeas,
 but they are all in white.
In my opinion stay away from tulips and sunflowers.
I have personally never seen one that doesn't look cheap.
I don't mean to hurt anyones feelings, I don't believe in bashing anyone's style,
 but I think the 90's wore me out on sunflowers...
 Clinique Sunflower perfume (gag).

10. Chalk Board

This is such a hot item in the farmhouse kitchen and I rocked on for a couple of years, but then switched out for the open shelves.
I'm actually really glad I did, I get more use of the shelves. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough wall space to utilize both, but I did find a place outside on my patio for the chalk board.
There are several tutorials to make a farmhouse chalkboard, I made this from an old Hobby Lobby picutre I had, so I sprayed the frame gold and painted over the picture with chalkboard paint.
Pretty Easy!

Well there you have it, as you can see through out my photos, my style, accessories and arrangements change through out. I love the process, each design I grow and evolve.
Don't be afraid to fail or do something that looks completly horrible, it's how you learn.
One day I'm going to do a post and look back at how my style evolved, I think that would be so fun and perhaps a little embarassing... but we're all friends right?
These are 10 simple ways you can achieve a farmhouse kitchen.
I hope you enjoyed and thanks for stopping by!


Friday, July 8, 2016

New DIY Gold Task Lamps

Happy Happy Friday!
{Insert Dance}
There is something about coming off a long weekend that just makes you
 jones for the next one, or at least it does me!
I don't think I have any plans, other than to work on our bathroom..
Yes I decided to repaint it...
I just couldn't live with the Navy any longer.
But any how, that's a different post for a different day.
Today I'm sharing my new bedroom lamps.
I have been longing to change out my lamps for a while now, they just didn't go with my decor any longer, but I wanted something simple and not too bulky.

So, I decided I would get some gold task lamps. I wanted to add a bit of industrial flair to the bedroom but still keep a sense of chic and glamour, which I think is accomplished with the gold.
However, when I started browsing for options I couldn't find any within my budget.
Lamps are so stinking expensive and now that gold is a hot ticket item,
anything gold is triple what it used to be...

The cheapest lamp I could find was on Overstock for over $62 a piece, and really it's not like that it is outrageous, I have paid more for a lamp before, but when you are trying to update several rooms and as much as I change out my decor and just can't justify paying $120 for lamps??...
Plus they were alot shorter and I still wanted some lamps with a bit of height.
So, I went to Lowe's and bought two task lamps that were $29.99 a piece and
some Rustoleum Gold Metallic Spray Paint.

I'll spare you pictures of me spraying them gold,
 I know your smart enough to know how a spray can works, and if your not,
 I'm just to lazy to go back and insert them...

But I will give you a tip:

Buy the nozzle gun spray thing that fits over a spray can and turns it into a spray gun...
there cheap, they just fit right over the spray can. I found that it keeps the can from squirting and spurting and it keeps your fingers from getting paint on them.

I'm really in love with how they turned out and the simplicity it added to the room. Sometimes that's hard for me to achieve because I have a tendancy to go overboard.
But I'm trying to stick with the less is more approach.
I really can't wait to get new bedding this fall. This duvet and comforter have seen better days, it's lumpy as all get out and now doesn't want to fit correctly in the duvet...
All in due time tho:)
Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

DIY Open Shelves in Kitchen

Good Morning! I hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July weekend!
I know I did, I'm just now getting back into the grind of the work week and man, it sure is hard!
I'm always scheming of new ways to make money from home when I have a long weekend, but alas, I always come to the conclusion I just have to work...like a normal person...

So, with that being said... a few weeks ago I shared a glimpse of my 
DIY open shelves we recently hung in the kitchen. 

I originally had a chalk board in this area, and I really liked it but had 
toyed with the idea of having open shelves in the kitchen, 
I am so glad I finally executed the decision to swap out the chalk board for the shelves.

Plus when I had switched out my china hutch' I had a lot of extra dishes 
that I needed some display storage for.

It opens the kitchen up so much more and you can really see the shiplap now. The chalk board took up a lot of wall space and feel like it really darkened the space.

Now its light and bright! The farmhouse industrial look is exactly what this space needed.

We used the track rail system from Lowe's and some 1x8 boards that were 
already the perfect length, no cutting needed.
The whole project was under $60.

My favorite thing about the track system is it's adjustable. I like not being committed to the same ole thing when it comes to decor.

I have not stained the shelves, and I actually don't know if I will or not.
I kind of like the rawness of the wood.

I would like to eventually change out my island counter-top and get something like a white granite or quartzite. It needs to have some flecks of gold tho because I don't plan to change the back (main) counter-tops, so I need something that really correlates together.

But that will be on down the road, there's so many more priorities right now.
But one can dream, right!

Have a great day friends and thanks for stopping by!

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