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Monday, October 31, 2016

Farmhouse Style Fall Vignette

Happy Monday friends!
Another weekend down and a fresh new week to start!

I had a great weekend that consisted of not much of anything really... I did a second coat of paint on the camper bedroom cabinets, indulged my cravings by getting some delish Indian food {my fave} and created this darling little vignette.

I don't do this in my home as often as I should... life goes by so fast that I forget to slow down and do something simple as rearranging a few things. This not only freshens up the look of my home but it gives you {and me} some inspiration. It's always nice to see things in a new place , you are able to look at it in a new light and with a different view.

In my past homes, I would buy something specifically for {like} my bedroom or somewhere specific in my home and when we moved and it didn't work in the bedroom of the new home, I would get so hung up on the idea of giving it a new home... like... it's ok.. it doesn't have to go in the bedroom??

Does this feeling of weirdness ever happen to you? 
And yes I realize these are first world problems and it is a bit bizarre, 
but I'm just giving a glimpse inside my head...
I can't be alone? 

White pumpkins, pinecones and lavender... it doesn't get much better than this.
My lavender stays out almost all year round.
I just love it so much, I really don't want to part with it. To me, it's the epitome of french country.

When I style a vignette, I mostly work with what I have on hand, shopping your home if you will.

You'll be amazed what you already have, and here's a tip, if you don't like the
 color or want to change it... Spray it. 

There is nothing quite like a fresh coat of white spray paint.

I also like to use natural elements, like the fire logs, dried floral and pine cones.

Like these pumpkins for example and that little deer head on the wall, yup, sprayed them white.

This time of year is such an inspiration to me. I feel like it's when I really get motivated and come alive. I think it's the seasonal decorating and all the possibilities that come with it.

I think throughout the year there are not that many changes except for 
maybe some new pillows or a throw blanket here and there. 

So when the Holidays come, 
I get so excited for all the new looks with my decor.

I hope you don't get sick of white pumpkins?
I really don't see how you could... but I suppose it's a possibility...
I will have more coming in the next week or two.
Thanks for stopping by:)


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Camper Update

Hey guys, I wanted to share some progress with you all on the camper.
You can see how it originally looked here.

I started off by priming the wall with Glidden Gripper you can get it at the Home Depot. I painted right over the vinyl walls and the wallpaper.

I primed everything! Well close to it.

We also ripped up the carpet in the living room area. We still need to remove it from the slider but we are figuring out how we want to accomplish that. Well I mean the we are trying to 
figure how to do it the easiest way.

This camper is a 2007 so it's nearly 10 years and really, that's not that much dirt and sand underneath when you consider how old it is.

The camper has been really well taken care of, 
when I prepped it for priming there was hardly any dirt or dust.
Which was really great for me:)

This. This is why I hate carpet.

Here's a shot of the kitchen with the walls primed.

I also taped off all the frames of the windows, and sprayed them black.
I had seen other camper renovations do this and at first I was like no... to much work... but then I came back around and I was like well.... it would look so chic and probably make such a statement...

I was right. It really was worth all the extra work.

After I primed the walls, I started priming the cabinets.
I just did one coat of priming. 

Here's a snap with the cabinets primed and the first coat of paint on the walls.

It looks so crisp and clean with the black frames.

The Power of Paint

Can I get an Amen?
Let me say it again, there is nothing and I mean nothing more powerful than a can of paint and paint brush or roller... what ever you prefer.
Here's a snap of the cabinets and walls painted.
I painted them both in the same color which is 
Valspar Cool Grey

I chose a flat finish for the walls and a satin finish for the cabinets.
I chose Valspar Frappe for the lower cabinets in the kitchen.

Sorry for the mess, I'm a super messy renovator!

I ripped off the green fabric over the slider area.
I then painted the trim and the wood area that the fabric was over.
I'm going to caulk the openings and make it more seamless and little more attractive looking.

I picked out an adorable peel and stick tile for the back splash and bought some 
marble contact paper for the counter tops. I can't wait to install it.

We also picked a vinyl wood floor plank, I'm hoping in the next few days we will install them... I think it will make the biggest difference

I have got a ton done, but I have so much more to still do.
But I'm taking it in strides.
The whole reason we got this camper was because my husband is suppose to go the a 6 mos. school for the army in MO so we were preparing his little home on wheels.

Well now we found out due to some admin mistakes that he did not get enrolled, and may not be going in Jan. and it may not be till April now.... which is good and bad.

We have more time, but we kind of have planned our whole lives around this.
But that's life in the Army... you gotta roll with it.

I'll have more for you soon!
Thanks for stopping by:)


Monday, October 24, 2016

Farmhouse Guest Bath Reveal

Have you ever had one of those projects that just felt like it was never going to end?
Where you were so pumped in the beginning but quickly lost the wind in your sails?

Ya... this was that kind of project for me!

I think I started and completed about 5 other projects before I finished this one.
Yup, I just check my Instagram and I was nearly finished with this except for a few things
back in the middle of May?


I need to get a better grip on my time management skills:)

So without further ado...
I give you my completed guest bath makeover that only took me 6 months to do...
when usually I knock a project out in a week or so...

I started first with shiplaping, you can catch how I do my shiplap here
I just did one wall which is the wall that the mirror and pedestal sink is on.
I kinda figured it's the only wall you will really notice.

I picked up these darling towels from Target and I love how feminine and country they make the bathroom feel but also with a modern flare.

When we bought the house this bathroom only had a sink and tub... no toilet,
and it was painted this weird... I can't even describe it... like celery green?
 I couldn't stand it!
I love greens but this was one of the worst ones.. in fact the guy who built our home obviously loved green because our kitchen was a green and now this, but they were two of the worst greens...

I personally like a silver green... just throwing that out there... in case you cared;)

I decided to go with a white because there is absolutely no windows in or around this bathroom.
I actually can't stand it... I love light pouring in from all angles in my home and this little bathroom sits in the darkest depth of my home. Sigh!

The mirror I picked up back in the day when At Home was Garden Ridge and I have toted it around from house to house through out the years and I'm so glad I did.

Because ...
A. I love  a good throw back to the Venetian era and
 B. it fits perfect in here

The frames over the commode I had and they use to hang in the living room when we first moved in.
When I shiplaped the living room, I decided I no longer wanted them in there... I got them from Hobby Lobby and the prints to.. which I plan to change out eventually...

I found this old piece of wood (it's nothing fancy or reclaimed) just old and I cut it to the shape and dimensions I needed it with a jig saw.

I then stained it in Minwax Jacobean
Which I usually don't like a dark stain but the grain on the wood was kind of ugly and I didn't want to paint it cause I felt like with all the white I needed some contrast.

And you guys, I literally just shoved it in place.... like seriously...
there is nothing but the walls holding it up... Don't fret though... not that you would...
but it's in there snug as a bug in a rug!

I would absolutely love to subway tile this bathroom in the tub part, or paint the tile like those cool edgy hip concrete black and white tiles you have seen floating around in blogland... maybe one day..

For now it's presentable and goes with the style of our house.

I also quickly made this little tub caddy, it's nothing fancy obviously, but it fits the bill!

I also made a little tub skirt out of 1x4" boards and painted them the same as
the walls which is Sherwin Williams Dover White.
Dover White is what our trim is in throughout the whole house.
I really like it but it's more a butter cream white...

I feel the skirt helps to give a little bit more of a custom feel and it ties in nicely with the shiplap. Oh and it's shoved in there too... can't remember if I glued it, but I don't think I did...

The lace curtains I picked up from IKEA.
I love the airy and old time feel they lend...

Although sometimes they creep me out a little...

They remind me of that movie that Nichole Kidman was in where everyone was dead...
remember that?
IDK why... but they just do...

I also purchased this little gem of a  sign from Amazon. I fell in love with it when
I saw Sarah from She Holds Dearly had it and I had to have it for  myself!
Thanks for sharing Sarah:)

Well that is all I have for you guys today,  as always thanks for stopping by!
I'm sure this bathroom will get another makeover in 2017... my husband is leaving for a bit and it's always the perfect time for some d├ęcor shenanigans:)
I'm really thinking about painting that tile:)


Friday, October 21, 2016

Mason Jar Magnets by Dolly's Wreath Designs

Good Morning Friends and let me say Happy Fri-Yay!
We made it to another week! How exciting:)
We are working on a pea gravel patio this weekend and clearing out some junk out of the...junk room!
I sure hope you have better plans than I;)

So today I'm sharing with you this adorable little Mason Jar refrigerator magnet.
Look how stinkin cute this is!

It's the perfect accessory to any farmhouse.

AmyLynn from Dolly's Wreath Designs makes these adorable little cuties and 
sells them in her Etsy shop.
You can find them here

I placed it on our chalkboard fridge and it just looks so cute.
Ignore the writing... it's my husbands to do list on his 1960 Ford 100 truck he's rebuilding...
lol.... we keep it farmhouse all the way...

AmyLynn has some premade designs in her shop or she can custom 
make one for you like she did me:)

Who doesn't love Custom?

The quality and design are superb and this is such a unique idea. They are wood and 
decorated with paint/paper(s) and felt etc.
I love that the design possibilities are endless...

Look at these below? 
How cute would that be to give as a shower or wedding gift... 

AmyLynne says the turnaround time is 1-3 days.
So you know what I'm thinking... Christmas??...
How cute would these be as stocking stuffers?
Or to give at office parties where the limit is under $20??

That's right guys, these are under $20, you can't beat that.

She even designs the gift wrap and the mail package they come in is also adorable...

This girl does it right!

Be sure to check out AmyLynne's Etsy and keep this little lady busy with orders throughout the holiday season! You can follow her on IG @dollyswreathdesigns.

Thanks for stopping by guys!


I did receive this item in exchange for an honest/unbiased review,
 however all opinions, thoughts and ideas are my own.


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Farmhouse Tablescape Dressed to Impress

Hello friends.
This post is actually being shared over at PC Styles blog as a guest post. 
You can check that out if you like.

Farmhouse Tablescape
But I'm posting it here on sweet little blog as well:)
And speaking of sweet little blog maybe you noticed something different?
I don't know... maybe like a new name change?
That's right, Pearl + Petunia is no more... we are now Raising a Farmhouse.... and I just love the new name... 
I'm kind of obsessed with it;)
This will be the third time in two years that I have changed the name... 
but I promise... this is it... as they say... 
the third time's the charm;)

So back to the tour.
Roses, magnolia leaves and a variety of foliage set atop a white pumpkin 
that is dressed to impress.  
This tablescape lends to an elegant yet relaxed atmosphere that is 
concurrent with farmhouse style.

Farmhouse whites paired with soft neutrals and natural textures create a 
beautiful setting for guests.

I can smell the turkey and pumpkin pie now!
Last year on Thanksgiving our power went out right in the middle of preparing our feast... 
my Dad and husband searched all over until they found 
a little country store that had a few generators, of course they could only 
power a few things and lights were not the top priority 

... we literally ate dinner by candle light.

It was the most memorable Thanksgiving I have ever had.
So it was only fitting to include the same ambiance this season.
 When setting your table or any vignette for that matter, 
I like to set it up and live with it for a couple of days,  because I know it will evolve.

Style is always changing and forever evolving and just when you think you can't "top this"  you have a style epiphany and  your design goes from ho hum to next level goodness.
Don't be afraid to step outside the box, that's alfalfa hay in that tea cup.. it's literally my chickens food I put in there...
but you know what... it works and I love it!  Minus the sneezing...
I have been thoroughly obsessed with buffalo check this year.
I have had to ask myself "how much is too much?"

I mean can you really ever get enough of a good thing?
I'm gonna say no. You can't. Just in case you were wondering;)

These DIY Painted Pumpkin Plates that were Pottery Barn 
inspired fit seamlessly into the tablescape.
I loved the ones from Pottery Barn, but they just didn't fit into my color scheme annnnnd anytime I can use an excuse for a good DIY,
I most certainly will!

If you would like to learn more about the DIY Pumpkin Plates click here

Thank you all so much for stopping by! 
I hope you found some good farmhouse inspiration.

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