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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Christmas Bedroom, New Paint and a Photogenic Cat

Well! Ya that's, it just well... you know cause it's been a whirl wind...
I can't believe we just blazed through TG and now we are going head on into Christmas!

So my cat is a model... who knew. 
Can we talk about it for a sec. 
Just a sec.
Seriously some people have dogs that pose... I have a cat.
As soon as I whip out my phone to snap a few pics she comes running and 
I dare say steals the show.

If only I were that photogenic!

But enough about this snugglepuss!
I painted my bedroom!
I have been on a painting spree and I'm not going to be done any time soon.
But I keep telling myself... think of all the free time you will have once you are done!
But seriously tho... 
I'll have a ton.

You can see below in the right hand corner of the ceiling the original color.
I painted it the same as the living room ceiling.
Which is Behr paint in Silver Polish. 
It's a white with a slight silver tint.

I also got new bedding.
My new knit blanket, I am absolutely in love with it.
 Talk about cuddly!
It's also large enough to hang over the sides of the bed! 
Which is so unusual....
You can shop my bedroom below with these links.

I also added a bit O' Christmas to the bedroom too.
 I love it. I think I love it more than the living room.
I think cause I added red... 
I go through these phases...
 more like love affairs with red.

I actually bought a new red and blue rug for spring. I can't bare to watch people walk on the white one in the living room. I should not have bought it. I am way to particular for that mess.
That's terrible right? 
Don't answer, I already know it is;)

Thanks for stopping by!


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