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Monday, November 7, 2016

I painted my Ceiling White | Finally

Good Morning friends and Happy Monday!
I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.
Mine consisted of tackling a major project that I have been avoiding/wanting to do for a very long time!
That's right, I painted my ceiling in the main part of the house... this was huge... literally... this part of our home is open concept and the dining,living, and kitchen all share the same ceiling.

I would say I painted 1000 to 1200 sq ft of ceiling. If you have ever painted a ceiling, then you know how bad this sucked or at least I thought it would....

Now don't get me wrong... it did, however not as bad I had imagined. I had researched every possible way of "how to paint your ceiling the easy way" or "how to paint your ceiling quickly" and I'm here to tell you, unfortunately, when it comes to painting a ceiling it's a lot like losing weight... you just got to put the hard work into it... unless of course you can spray it? 
But that's not really feasible when your items are in the home...

I had thought about getting a power roller, but really was hesitant for the fact of what if I don't like it or it gets to heavy and I switch back to a regular roller and wasted that money? So at the end of the day I ended up deciding to roll it the old fashioned way.
But  I did discover one tip that helped tremendously.

By an 18" adjustable roller frame. The standard paint roller is 9" long. 
So this doubles you surface coverage and trust me it makes a big difference.

Also, get a professional metal style extension roller... I found a used one at the swapmeet but it worked like a dream... I had originally been using a plastic one and I guess I had pressed on it so hard the tip broke off in the roller frame handle. Annoying

Plus with a regular roller, the roller cover wants to slide off the poll in the middle or rolling and you always have to stop and press it back up into place.
With the adjustable frame, they hook securely to both  ends, so it's so much easier to maneuver.

I stand by this saying...
The right tools will make any job easier.

I started rolling last Tuesday and rolled on Wednesday and finished on Saturday, but I just rolled on those week nights for maybe an hour?

Do you see that silly kitty in the basket?
Saturday I started at 12:30 and was done by 3:30, that includes the trim work, cutting in and cleanup.
We had a ton of can lights, speakers in the ceiling and beams to work around, so I would say it took me all of 5 hours to get it all done.

That's not too shabby considering the size of this area.

I bought plastic from Harbor Freight it's so much cheaper and for my brush I used to cut in and do around trim work are the Wooster angle brushes from Lowes... the ones with the blue handles for $5.99.. they are wonderful, I don't even tape off anymore because these brushes are so good.

I love how light and bright it is now. That brown ceiling just had to go. It looks so much more modern and it actually made the room look larger and the ceiling looks taller.

I love it! 
It was worth the sore biceps:)
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by! If you have a painting project, remember to get you a larger roller!! You will thank me in the end...


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