December 2016 | Raising A Farmhouse

Monday, December 19, 2016

A Bohemian Farmhouse Guest Room Reveal

Good Morning Dear Friends!
Are we keeping it together among-st this holiday madness?
Between gift wrapping, decorating and holiday party's, I
'm about done and looking forward to January!
So a few weeks back I had decided I would makeover my guest bedroom. I have been slowly making way through the house and I am 89% done with the downstairs.... just a couple spots to paint. So I have headed upstairs where we have our guest room, jack and jill bathrooms, my paint studio/craft room and an upstairs living room with a kitchenette and work out room.... 
ya it's a lot of house and I can't wait to get it all done!

So here was the before.
Talk about dull and drab.

And this was actually better then the before...Before.
So as you know,
 the whole dang house which is nearly 4k sq ft 
was covered head to toe in this taupe color.

That. I . Despise.
So slowly but surely, I have been painting the whole house one room at a time and have finally made my little way up those sweet farmhouse stairs and 
I can finally see the finish line... 
while I still have a few miles to go...
 it's there... on the horizon.

So here is the after.
Talk about a difference.
The whole room is alive now:)
I absolutely love it!
I gave the room a fresh coat of Behr Silver Polish and this was the game changer.
Giving this room a bright coat of paint really made all the stained wood work pop and the natural light just pours into the whole room.
I made that little shelf and had my husband hang it for me,
 and it really gives the room a modern bohemian feel.
I used a lot of decor that I already had, so this whole make over coast maybe $200-300.
The bed I got from the thrift store. Can you believe it? I drug it home and chalk painted the inside panels with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I was originally going to paint all of it, but it looked so good two toned and the wood details stand out so beautifully.
I took out the ceiling fan and used a re-purposed chandelier that I got for free. 
I repainted it and it fits perfectly in the room.
It is by far my fave room in the house.
I got the bathrooms and the hall painted as well. I'm just waiting on some new light fixtures.
I also need to repaint the stair well but the walls and ceiling reach to about 18-20 ft so I'm going to have to figure out something to reach those...
I can't wait to start on the second living room.  I'm hoping to do that in April for the One room Challenge, although that's a huge room to get done is 6 weeks.... but I like a challenge...a real one;)

What do you think about the new look?
Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Holiday Gift Ideas for the farmhouse lover

I know, I know....
This is pretty last minute, but hey, that's just how I roll!

I wanted to list out a few ideas for the farmhouse lover on your shopping list.
You may be thinking, that's weird to give home d├ęcor... but trust me if someone bought me these things, I would probably love them forever.

I have also listed a few small jewelry items,
that I wouldn't mind finding in my stocking either.

There are 17 more days until Christmas... can you believe!
I still haven't done all  my shopping yet... yikes,  I need to get cracking...
luckily for me I'm an only child with no kids... gawd that sounds sad.... Ha!
But oh so cheap, since I just have parents and a husband!
As always, thanks for stopping by and happy gift selecting:)


Friday, December 2, 2016

My Favorite Farmhouse Chandeliers

Good Morning,
Oh and Happy Friday!
Woot Woot!
Last night I was sitting on the sofa browsing Amazon and Overstock as I usually do and decided I would round up a few of my fav things.
I get quite a few questions regarding my lighting and so I decided to do a post and share with you a few statement lights that I just love!
I personally feel like a chandelier can change the whole look and ambiance of a room. 
I just adore them.
I love Crystal in the dining room and bathrooms. I love pendant lights and lanterns for the Kitchen and love wood or iron... or both for the bedroom.
But really I love it all;)
I tried to get you some different price points and showcase a variety of styles but all have that farmhouse charm, whether traditional or modern.
So without further ado....

Here are some of my faves:)

Thanks for stopping by friends and have a great weekend! Be sure to let me know what you think...are any of these your fave? Yes, No, Maybe?
I will be painting... yes again... but this time I'm doing the guest bedroom...
 so I'm finally moving upstairs....
So that's exciting!

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