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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

My DIY Peloton~Peloton Life Hack

Good Morning friends!
I hope we are having a great start to this fine Wednesday morning.
It's always such a long week after having an extra long weekend.

I want to share with you what I'm doing lately for my health.
I'm so excited about this, but I need to state that this is NOT my original idea.
A sweet lady from My Purse Strings blog did all the original leg work.

But none the less, I had to share how awesome this is!
Have you heard of the super amazing/expensive Peloton Indoor Cycling Bike?
It's this high tech interactive full spinning class complete with spin instructors that stream live or on demand through your Ipad or Peloton bike if you have one...

I have wanted one ever since I first saw it a couple years ago.
But I did not want to pay over $2500 (with shipping)
I had actually contemplated it and even thought of vigorously saving up for one.
I started spinning last April before we took our vacation and I loved it.
I saw amazing results and my legs were looking bomb (if I do say so myself)
But as usual once the vacation was over, I quit going... cause it was a bit of a hassle and so much easier to just go upstairs and use my treadmill.
I become quite the hermit during the winter months anyways and don't 
like to get out more than I have too...

So here came the Peloton idea... great solution for me...but the price...

One day at work I was telling my CPT and 1SG (I work for an Active Army recruiting unit) 
how amazing they were (the bikes, not them) and they joked about if I gave them $3K they would build a computer on a bike and record themselves spinning for me...lol

Later on that evening, it did make me think... not about them doing that for me...
but maybe there is a way to make my own.

So I did some research...
and found some equipment that would fit the bill...
If you buy a Peloton bike you have to pay for the subscription that streams through it, 
it's $39 a month.

I'm doing the iPhone app for $12.99...
The difference...
for $39 it's interactive through the Peloton Bike... you get your stats, you can communicate with others and the instructors, they give shout outs and what not,  which would be kinda cool and probably motivating...
But not for $2000 dollars more for the bike and $26 more a month...
I could care less about that....like for realz...

So for me the app on a cheaper (but great quality) bike is just perfect.
I got a mount for my iPad mini and it's great! It can adjust and move at any angle.
You can purchase the bike and mount here.

I bought the upgraded version of the bike and spent a little more, it has the spd clip pedals for the spin shoes. They would have been a separate purchase for around $50 plus I would have had to change them out. The extra $75 for the bike was worth it to me for that alone.

Here are the shoes I purchased.
I love them. I feel like I get more from the workout wearing these shoes... now you don't have to use these with the bike, they have cages where you can slip your feet in with reg shoes in..


Ok so these shoes will say they're clipless... but they have to have clips... they are just inset so you can actually walk around in them.

However, I'm not sure if I got screwed.. but my shoes only came with base plates not the actual clips so I had to order them. 
I got these and they fit the shoes and the bike.

The bike was super easy to put together, I did it by myself  in like 20-30 minutes... it just consisted of putting on the base, handles and the pedals, which was super easy....

It looks great, is fully adjustable and got great reviews. 
This brand is a leading brand in indoor cycling bikes.

I have already done 5 classes and they are amazing, there are over 4600 on demand classes and you can take  live classes that are offered 10 times a day at several different times, 
so really you can fit a workout in at any time of the day.
I love doing my workouts at home, I hated going on base and trying to fight all the old people for a spin bike... they know who's new and who's taking "their spot" ...for me it's just easier and the classes are more challenging and I get a new instructor and different kind of ride every day if I want...
and I do cause I get bored easily.

I wanted to share another amazing product that I use.
I don't sweat much... I don't know why... but I can do the same workout at someone else with the same energy output and the other person is drenched and I still have my full face of make up intact. It's a bit annoying, I feel like I retain water more because of this.

 I wanted something that would target my stomach area specifically... it's always the last place to go for me, so anything that aides in that progression is welcome in my book.
I love these two products, I encourage you to read the reviews and make your own informed decision.
It does make me sweat... alot.. so I'm sure a normal sweater will sweat buckets.

This post is not sponsored, I'm just really pumped about these products 
and wanted to share them with you.

So Basically instead of paying 25 hundo I paid $485 for everything...
I can handle that...

Happy Spinning friends!


Monday, February 20, 2017

Farmhouse Living Room Restyle

Happy Monday friends,
hopefully you have this day off and are out and about enjoying it... 

It's been a while since I did a living room update, and I wanted to share with you the current look.
It's no secret that this room is ever changing and I am honestly never satisfied with anything I do...
Until Now!
Currently I am loving the look.
And I feel like it's going to stay around for a while... so I hope you enjoy it as well;)

I bought this red rug right before Christmas, I decided I needed to add some color for 2017 and I fell instantly head over heels for this Turkish rug.

I had also bought this rocking horse back in September and held on to it. I didn't display it cause it was a very dark color and I hadn't gotten around to giving it a coat of paint.
I painted her up with a coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White and now I'm loving the vibe it brings to the living room. Plus they say rocking horses in a home are suppose to bring good luck... I need all that I can get... you feel me?

I had these linen club chairs that I had purchased before the sofa, but when I bought our sectional I thought they may be over kill, so I hauled them upstairs and put them in our 2nd living room.
Well they were getting absolutely no use, other than being used as a scratching post for the cat... so last weekend I hauled them back down.. and honestly, I'm kinda loving them down here... 
I can never get enough tufted linen...

Last week I shared on IG, how I bought some pattern pillows, but to my dismay, they were a disaster... so I reordered some solid ivory ones {which was my original plan, but I was trying to be bold} ya... never go against who you really are....

I love the look of these and I feel like it adds enough focal and dimension to the sofa without distracting the eye.

I really wanted to keep the focus on the rug and let it be the anchor to the room.

I picked up this darling throw last week.
I'm a sucker for tassels...fringe...

Here's a link to it.

I have a few more things I want to get, like maybe some faux sheep skins for the seats of the chairs...
 I feel like the room needs a little texture.

But other than that, I'm loving it.
You can shop this look here, there are also a few links to a couple different throw options. I bought the two pack, one ivory and one black and white stripe and put it in my dining room! I love them, they are really great quality!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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