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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Painted Tile (Part 1)

Good Morning Friends!
So I'm going to give you the skinny on what I used to paint my tub tile surround.

First I want to share with you the vision I have for this bathroom.
For the last year I have been seeing these gorgeous black and white floors floating around on Pinterest and Instagram and I have been more than obsessed. 
I knew I had to have these floors some where in my home.
And it hit me... the guest bath had terrible tile (IMO) and it's a small area... 
worse case scenario in a few years we replace it....

At first I worried, "will they be too trendy" 
"will in a few years I wish I didn't have them"?
Image Via ~ Pinterest

But honestly, I really don't think BLACK & WHITE ever goes out of style and these tiles are such a staple in Mediterranean type homes and now in modern homes, that I think they will be around for a long time...
 I mean look at subway tile... it's a classic.

Image Via ~ Pinterest ~ I believe this is Tayler Golden**

So I stopped worrying and started researching.
I knew for me, currently ripping out our old tile (although I would love to), just isn't in the budget, plus I don't want to do the work myself of chipping up tiles...

So I started to look into stenciling and painting.
I decided to find a stencil in a pattern I love and get after the floor!
But what about the same horrid tile around the tub?
I didn't want to bust that  out either, although I would kill for subway tile... again... not in the cards.
So I decided I would chalk paint the wall tile too, I figured if you can paint the floor then surely you can paint the wall tile?!?!

**Now, Disclaimer**

This is NOT our main bath, I do not shower or bathe in here. With that being said, I think it would hold up, but I obviously can't verify that... but I can tell you I have used the Rustoleum tub and tile paint and I used it in a shower. It turned out beautifully. The reason I didn't use it this time, I wanted a matte look and I wanted to do the grout a different color....and I didn't want to have to open the whole house and basically wear a hazmat suit. This stuff is highly potent and feels the entire house with fumes, but it does the job and makes ugly tile look like shiny white porcelain you can read more about it here.

The Products I Used

In Pure White and Graphite

I did not sand or rough up the tiles, if you have shiny slick tiles you may want to scuff.
I started off dry brushing the tile with the paint (full strength - non diluted)

I let that dry and I used a watered down mixture of  the paint and a sponge roller and 
rolled on the rest of the coats.

I did 4 coats total, you may have to do more or less depending on the color of you tiles.
The sponge roller gave a very even and smooth surface to the tiles and eliminated the brush strokes. 

For the grout lines, I took a few dabs of the Graphite and mixed a little of the pure white to get a dark grey and added water. I then took a watercolor artist brush and lightly went over the grout lines once.
I figure the sealer will intensify the color.

I still need to do some touch ups around the faucet where I couldn't get the sponge.

As of yet, I have not done the sealer. I wanted the paint to really cure and harden before I applied the sealer, you don't have to... it's just what I do... aout after 3 days Annie Sloan CP is hard to get up and scuffs and scrapes less. I will be using the Annie Sloan Lacquer. On the directions, it says it is not recommended in high moisture areas.
I however interpreted that as "use at your own risk."
I think a lot of products can do more than what the makers say... they just don't want to be liable if it "F's" up.
Again, not my main bathroom,
 so you will need to decide for yourself if it's right for you. 
In my mind if it holds up on a floor, it will hold up anywhere.
Again, you make the call. 
You can always use the Rustoleum if you are concerned.

I need to repaint the walls, since I used pure white, it makes the walls look very yellow. 
I will repaint in a Valspar Ultra White.
Then the floors will get painted in the Graphite and stenciled in Pure White 
for that cement tile look I have been so desiring!
The Mr. is coming in this weekend from MO, so I'm sure I won't get anything done. So hopefully in the next week or two I will have updates....


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