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Monday, March 27, 2017

DIY Faux Cement Tile

Well good morning! 
I bet you thought I had long forgotten about this project...
 nah... it just takes me forever to actually get anything completed.

The last few months, I have been a bit unmotivated, I have still been doing things, just not with as much vigor... but I decided I really wanted to participate in the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE  this spring, so I really wanted to wrap some projects up before moving on upstairs.

So when I last updated you on this project, we were here and I had just painted 
the tub surround tile white.

So all the original tile was beige, it was like a faux Travertine and the only thing I hate more than Travertine is a fake ass Travertine.

So it had to go...
I had been coveting pretty hardcore on the black and white cement tiles. But because the husband is gone, I didn't want to get into all of the demo it would take to rip it out and install new.
My husband thinks I'm crazy for always wanting to paint things, but in my mind, I look at it like this... eventually we will replace it, but in the meantime if painting it the way I want it, works... then what's the harm... either way we will eventually throw out original tile or painted tiles? You're throwing it out... not going to reuse it... and no one wants it,
 and most likely the demo will destroy it...
So... What the problem is?

Plus Mysha from Remington Ave Blog had painted hers and it's holding up great... so I knew it was possible... someone else had paved the way....Hallelure!

So I gathered my Supplies.
And went to town... and by town I mean the bathroom floor...

I laid down two coats of chalk paint in Graphite by Annie Sloan.
I used a paint brush for the edges and grout, and a roller for the rest.
I let the chalk paint end up drying for like weeks...just cause I lost motivation to do anything... but really you could start stenciling the next day.
Make sure to wear socks tho... this dark paint scuffs and shows dust prints easily... I walked on it barefoot and left a print on was time to vacuum the floors...apparently...

But look how the white just pops!
I had looked around at several different places for stencils, and no one had a pattern I liked.. 
I had a very specific pattern in mind.
So naturally I started scouring Etsy and came across a lady name Patricia who's Etsy shop is Pearl Design Studio. She has a ton of patterns and makes them in a variety of sizes. 
You can purchase the stencil here!

Use Code: MyFarmhouseStencil for 20% off any purchase of $15 or more.

This pattern was perfect and exactly what I wanted!
The stencil is a really good quality
I just gently taped it down on the edges and I ended up using a sponge like a craft sponge and dobbed on the paint. I didn't want it to be perfectly perfect... for two reasons... 
1. I knew I couldn't get it exactly perfect, cause stenciling for whatever reason, is hard for me.. and 
2. I wanted it to have a worn/faded appearance like old spanish tiles...
So the sponge worked out perfect for me, but you could roll it on if you like a more uniform finish...
After I let it dry a few hours, I rolled on the Annie Sloan Lacquer.
This stuff is no joke, make sure you read the directions... thoroughly.
This is a super durable sealer, I can feel it... and that probably sounds weird to declare, but most sealants sit on top of the painted surface... this absorbed into it... I really think it's going to last for a while. I mixed the first coat with water and rolled in on, be sure to roll it on thin and do not back stroke it too much... it will cloud.  Let dry for two hours and then apply your final coat at full strength.. still roll on thin. Let dry overnight before you use it.
It dries matte but has a little bit of sheen... it honestly looks amazing and is probably the best sealer I have ever used. I have a ton left and still need to seal the white tiles... I will be doing that soon!

I just ordered my shower curtain, so I am finally moving on to the decorating stage!
Last week, I ordered some new lights for the laundry room hallway...
 remember when I wall papered and painted
 here well, I'm not done...
 I just installed some gorgeous pendant lights and ordered a new rug...
 I will be stenciling the inside of the laundry closet walls this week and try to finish that up...
More to come, so stay tuned!


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