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Monday, March 20, 2017

Sputnik Light and New Dining Chairs

 It's been a whirl wind of a time folks!
I typically have very boring evening and weekends, but every so often I will cram a what feels a life time of events into one weekend.... And that was this weekend.
I had a great time, catching up with old friends, installing art in a salon (exciting) and delivering my finished large commissioned art piece....but I'm glad it's over.

So a lot is going on over at my house and as usual, I have started and not finished many things. 
I started the laundry room and the guest bath and in between those re-vamped 
the living and the dining room....

I have been on a mission to find a good balance between modern, casual and country. It hasn't been easy, and I'm not 100% done, but I wanted to show you what I'm working with so far.

On a whim I decided I needed more gold in my life... probably a weird thing to decide, 
but hey... it is what it is...

So I ordered these chairs from over stock here.

These chairs are a great value and come in a two pack for right around $100-115 sometimes you can get them on sale...

But the real show stoppers are these Larkin gold wired chairs...#SWOON
Seriously ya'll, I'm in love with them!
I decided to get two as my captains chairs, and I'm so glad I did...
 I know what your thinking those have got to be the most uncomfortable chairs right?
 I'm mean don't get me wrong or right... wait... what? 
Ok for real tho, they're not the first thing you go to after a long hard day, but they're not that un-comfy either and throw on a sheep skin rug...
 which I'm going to get some thicker better quality ones soon, 
and then they will be right as rain...

You can also by those cute little olive trees here.

You can shop my dining room here!

I changed out my original French Empire Chandelier to those double crystal chandeliers, but they just didn't look right with the new chairs.
I needed something more edgy and modern, so I found a Sputnik Chandelier and I have been coveting these pretty hard lately. I really debated on a brass or black, but in the end, with all the gold on the chairs, I thought the black would help offset the gold and bring out the windows as well, and be an all around great contrast.
I'm glad I went with it, it is such a large statement piece and really sets off that area,
 even better than two chandeliers. 
Hard to believe right? 
What can be better than two chandeliers... 
um... even more chandeliers maybe?

IDK? But I do know I'm loving my new modern, more simple vibe. Now I just need some new countertops and ba-da-bing...ba-da-boom this kitchen/dining area will be damn near finished....

Can I get an AMEN?

So you will be seeing more of this space on IG...cause right now nothing else is clean  presentable!

I will be wrapping up the bathroom this week. You know I painted the tile and am finishing up on the floor and I need to order a shower curtain... Then I will finish up the laundry room.... I'm trying to beat the deadline of April 5th... That's when the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE or ORC as the hip bloggers call it, starts... and I want to do our upstairs living room.... I never share/photograph that area of our home... I don't even like looking at it, but it's nearly half of our house... 
so It needs to be done... like ASAP... but I must and I repeat must finish up my half - assed projects that are still lingering....

Ok guys, thanks for stopping by... hit me up on IG @raisingafarmhouse or Facebook!


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