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Thursday, April 27, 2017

One Room Challenge: Week 4~ The Making of a Fireplace

Good Morning! 
Yes, I absolutely wanted to greet you with a sneak peak of my vintage gallery wall. 
You bet your arse I couldn't wait to start decorating... an no the room is not complete... and yes I put up this wall... because... I had to do something... going weeks and weeks without seeing any decor was just killing me... so I had to throw this together to see if it would stick and... I love it!


Thursday, April 20, 2017

One Room Challenge: Week 3 ~ It's the Little Things

Good Morning friends, here we are, already to week three of the One Room Challenge.
The second week was rough for me, you can read about that here.
Also, here is the post for Week One if you are just now joining in on the fun.
This week I feel better, I got a lot of things accomplished, mostly little things but those are the ones that sneak up and bite you in the end, so I'm not mad about it... ya dig?

For the most part, the painting is done, except for a few spots here and there... I honestly had to move on to something else, cause quite frankly I was about to lose my mind
 if I had to hold that paint brush any longer.


Thursday, April 13, 2017

One Room Challenge: Week Two

I'm going to be real with this post... 
also this is a WARNING... 
these pics aren't pretty, 
they aren't IG worthy and... if I'm to be honest,
 they make me a little discouraged.

So here it is the good, the bad, and the ugly, but mostly the UGLY.
I want to quit.
Yup you read that right, I wish I had some amazing banter that was so cool to read and was up-lifting, but the truth is, right now this sucks and I have had a little voice in my head whispering sweet negative b.s. throughout this entire process enticing me to quit.
But alas, I do not and will not quit.
The photo below depicts me for the last week. In the midst of the suck, just sluggin
it out, tryin to get this beast of a room painted.
Even my poor saint of a Mother has been in on this trying to help me.

It's so bad, my folks keep asking me, "what do you get if you win this challenge" lol
I keep telling them nothing... it's just a d├ęcor challenge.. you get a decorated room at the end.... but they keep looking at  me blankly....

So ya...that's how it's been going this week... that question/answer combo pretty much sums it up...

Thursday, April 6, 2017

One Room Challenge:The Design Mood

Hello! I'm so excited to be participating as a guest, in the One Room Challenge!
If you are new to Raising a Farmhouse, here's a bit of background...
I'm an Army wife, my husband is an Active Duty Army Soldier, but he is full time with the Oklahoma National Guard, so we are lucky in the fact that we don't move around!
We bought our 3rd and hopefully final home in 2012 and have slowly been designing it out of the 'taupe madness' that was 2007. I hate taupe. Like really hate it. But I love greige, just throwin that out there... we have five acres in the country and I'm slowly creating a farmstead, my husband is not too sold on the idea... but I think it's brilliant:)
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