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Thursday, April 20, 2017

One Room Challenge: Week 3 ~ It's the Little Things

Good Morning friends, here we are, already to week three of the One Room Challenge.
The second week was rough for me, you can read about that here.
Also, here is the post for Week One if you are just now joining in on the fun.
This week I feel better, I got a lot of things accomplished, mostly little things but those are the ones that sneak up and bite you in the end, so I'm not mad about it... ya dig?

For the most part, the painting is done, except for a few spots here and there... I honestly had to move on to something else, cause quite frankly I was about to lose my mind
 if I had to hold that paint brush any longer.

But before I gave up on the holding of the paint brush, I did do some research and found out how to do a nice crisp line, when painting two different colors.

Basically, the first step is to tape off the wall or ceiling (where you want the line to be) then paint over the tape line using the color of the wall (the one that the new color will be going up against) let dry. Basically the paint fills in any gaps in the tape and since the wall is already that color, it will block it without showing the new color.  Once the paint has dried, paint over the tape line with the new color, so for me it was the black color. So I did white first and then black.
Like so...
And I must say, it worked pretty good, I have never been able to get a crisp line with tape, I get a better one doing it by hand... but with this method I was really able to get it nice and clean...

So here's a recap...
A quick glance of the before, I have to constantly look at these just to remind
 myself that progress is happening.
I took down the ceiling fan... there's three in this room... the people who built this house loved them some ceiling fans. For now, I'm keeping two, but I'm going to try and modernize them a bit, if that's even possible, I feel like that's an oxymoron...

I replaced the ceiling fan in the living room area with a chandelier that used to hang over the dining room. I have since changed out the dining room 3 times but that's neither here nor there...I'm ficle when it comes to lights... I love so many it's hard to chose just one... during the switches I lost a lot of crystals (found and kept tho) and many were dirty... I didn't feel like scrubbing this entire light and all thousand of the crystals, so...


" Spray the fixture with a solution of

water and white vinegar and

let it drip the dust off onto a floor cloth"

Now granted it's not as clean and sparkly as if you did it by hand...
but... ain't nobody got time for that.

I also redid the tv stand... here's a shot of it before... IDK what I was doing with that stencil... I had a weird thing with stencils in 2012... like for real, I guess I was trying to find myself...

I gave it a nice coat of ASCP in Aubusson Blue and waxed it with dark wax, and then kissed the edges with King Gold gilding wax.
It's darker in person and looks so regal and modern.
This color of blue is in the red rug and it brings it out perfectly!

I also took the shelves and shortened them so they will all be one length. This makes them look more uniform and purposeful. I really like them so much better. I had planned to redo them in a better wood, but they had already been notched out for the pipes and I realized that would be too much work since the Mr. is not here to lend a hand...


"If you don't have a helper, use a stool, a chair, work bench, anything that can assist you and help you stay safe while using machines alone"

Obviously it's best to wait for a human partner, but sometimes we just don't have that luxury...
we gotta get creative!

I got some happy mail, this is my bed and bedframe for the "guest area nook"
I haven't put it together yet and probably won't until
I have everything out of the room and cleaned up.

Here's what I still need to do.

1.Repurpose the Built In
2. Tile around the kitchenette
3. Create Artwork
4. Textiles, fabric, accessories etc.
5. Paint window frames
6. Find Bedding
7. Fabric back of Chair
8. Slip Cover other chair.
9. Make-over Ceiling Fans
10. Clear out leftover junk
11. Clean Carpet

I know I'm forgetting something.. I always do.. I need to get the majority of this done this weekend. I'm leaving next weekend to go visit my husband up at Ft. Leonard Wood. We have been separated due to military school since January and he's not scheduled to come home until October... Long time... It feels like a deployment and oddly enough,  I think we got better phone reception when he was in Afghanistan, than now in Missouri...
So...that means when I get back I will only have one weekend left...which really blows..
but it is what it is... no more nights off.
 I have to make each and every day count.
Good luck to everyone else, I have really enjoyed checkin in on everyone and seeing there progress.
 I also appreciate your sweet words of encouragement that you all have given me!
It helps, trust me;)!
Be sure to check out the other participants here


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