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Thursday, April 27, 2017

One Room Challenge: Week 4~ The Making of a Fireplace

Good Morning! 
Yes, I absolutely wanted to greet you with a sneak peak of my vintage gallery wall. 
You bet your arse I couldn't wait to start decorating... an no the room is not complete... and yes I put up this wall... because... I had to do something... going weeks and weeks without seeing any decor was just killing me... so I had to throw this together to see if it would stick and... I love it!

I picked up a {lot} of  these vintage racks off of EBAY last fall and intended to use them in my living room, but for some reason, I just didn't like the looks of them down there... but since I had so many, I wanted to try and incorporate them into the decor, so I mixed with them with some of my vintage junkin picture finds and ta-da... I love the look and feel and especially
on that farmhouse wall treatment.

But that's not what we are here for today... I'm still a few projects away from full on decorating... today I wanted to show you what I accomplished for week four.
We had a rather large green built in entertainment center in our upstairs living room, and because of the L-shape configuration, if really keeps you from setting a sofa in front of it without really blocking the flow of the room...

So here is the before with all the doors and drawers off/out.

I had done a lot of research on re-purposing an entertainment center, no scratch that... I attempted to do a lot of research, there just isn't any out there...that isn't complete garbage.
So my wheels got turning and I decided to turn the entertainment center into a.....
wait for it....


Yup, so I headed off to Home Depot and crammed my little Rav full of wood.

Here are couple of inspiration pics.

So I ordered and electric fireplace off of Amazon. I will source everything in the final reveal. But for now... just Amazon..
I'm a little dissapointed cause I thought it would be a bit larger... they were either 30" or 50"... they were either around $100 or $500...
I found one 50" for around $130 but the reviews were mixed and I was just too unsure...
So I got the smaller of the two...
I think it will be has to be... I'm done anyways...

So I started by framing in the fireplace with 2x4s. I then used 1x6 boards to create
 the paneled "shiplap" front.

I used my trusty brad nailer and nailed the boards directly to the EC. The nice thing about it is, if it ever needs to be changed back... it can be... not that I'm going to, 
but I do like the idea of no commitment...

I got everything painted up and it's looking pretty fantastic.
I can't wait to get the room all put together.

While the entertainment center was drying, I started working on tiling the kitchenette. I decided to go with a white hexagon tile with a charcoal grout. I had debated about doing subway tile, but I wanted to do things in this room that I wouldn't normally do anywhere else, 
and I feel like this was a "fun" choice.

Here's a shot of it all cleaned up and nicely edged with the paint.

I drug out my tufted dining chairs from the attic, I ordered a cute little dining table from Amazon. I kept these chairs after I replaced them with the newer more modern ones, and I'm glad I did. I would have ended up selling them for pennies on the dollar on CL, and now they will get good use.

I have really mixed emotions about decor regarding this room. I want it to be modern and eclectic, but with a farmhouse feel, and I'm getting so nervous when I see it starting to go one way or another. But I'm also trying to use as much things as already have to try and off set the costs. 


1.Repurpose the Built In
2. Tile around the kitchenette
3. Create Artwork
4. Textiles, fabric, accessories etc.
5. Paint window frames
6. Find Bedding
7. Fabric back of Chair
8. Slip Cover other chair.
9. Make-over Ceiling Fans
10. Clear out leftover junk
11. Clean Carpet

I'm losing 4 days due to a road trip up to Ft Leonard Wood to see my husband, I'm probably burnin up the highway right now as you read this....also I'm freaking out a bit, but I'm taking my sewing machine, so I can at least try and sew up some pillow cases.
I will only have 10 days left when I get back home on Monday...


Happy Designing friends!
Be sure to check out the other talented folks 


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