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Thursday, April 13, 2017

One Room Challenge: Week Two

I'm going to be real with this post... 
also this is a WARNING... 
these pics aren't pretty, 
they aren't IG worthy and... if I'm to be honest,
 they make me a little discouraged.

So here it is the good, the bad, and the ugly, but mostly the UGLY.
I want to quit.
Yup you read that right, I wish I had some amazing banter that was so cool to read and was up-lifting, but the truth is, right now this sucks and I have had a little voice in my head whispering sweet negative b.s. throughout this entire process enticing me to quit.
But alas, I do not and will not quit.
The photo below depicts me for the last week. In the midst of the suck, just sluggin
it out, tryin to get this beast of a room painted.
Even my poor saint of a Mother has been in on this trying to help me.

It's so bad, my folks keep asking me, "what do you get if you win this challenge" lol
I keep telling them nothing... it's just a d├ęcor challenge.. you get a decorated room at the end.... but they keep looking at  me blankly....

So ya...that's how it's been going this week... that question/answer combo pretty much sums it up...
So here is what has been going on...
 I have been painting the walls and the ceiling in Valspar Ultra White.
Going over a dark Taupe has been quite treacherous... I have put on about two coats and will have to go over some spots... probably a few more times.
 I also think part of my dismay is that when I painted the down stairs, it wasn't so bad, it didn't take so long, ... however, the color was a bit of a darker white so I think that helped too. Plus I'm on carpet and it has been thoroughly frustrating trying to keep it off and it's been impossible.
 I really thought I would be further along...
like moving on to something fun.. tile... lights...anything...
I went into this challenge all cocky thinking, no big deal... 
I'll get this painting knocked out in one weekend...
I got served a slice of humble pie folks, 
and we usually do, 
right when we need it the most.
But the truth is, it's just a large room and painting walls and a ceiling takes time.So I have had to come back to reality and realize, it's OK and it's not a big deal...
It's a super hard lessen for me to learn, I'm one on the most impatient people and think things should just magically happen instantaneously. 

I do always use a large roller, like 18 inches, that helps this is the kind I use.
I got mine from Home Depot.
It's adjustable from 12-18".
It makes life a bit easier!
I can't imagine trying to do this with a 9" roller.

I have been testing blacks and I can't find the perfect one, they're either too light, too purple too something... I have two more try, Black Magic and Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams,
I'm going to go get samples of those today.
I took the shelves off the pipes, I was going to make new ones, but I honestly don't think I will have time, so I'm just going to cut them down and shorten them (the shelves) and make them all one length. I don't know why I thought staggering the lengths would look good... it's just a prime example of 'you win some, you lose some'... not every idea is golden.
 I think it will look tons better when I'm done tho.
Here's a shot of the vast never ending ceiling. Aside from some touch ups.
It's done!
I couldn't be happier:)
I got my workout routine back underway, I was forgoing it last week to make headway...and honestly, it's one of the only things that has kept me from losing my mind completely.
I do think the white looks so much better tho!
 I do love walking in and seeing a ton more light reflecting off the walls.
 That has been a positive!
I'm just going to keep truckin along and try to get out of my funk and get over myself. I will be settling on a black color today and will start to get that knocked out.
I think I should have the painting wrapped up this weekend and next week
I can move on to something a bit more pleasant, something that shows some progress.
I'm interested to see how it's going for everyone else... are they deep into their designs...
or are they in the suck with me? Hopefully everyone has a better attitude, 
although at this point it wouldn't take much;)
Click the link to check out the rest of the designers!

Cheers to week 3 being better;)
Thanks for stopping by!


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