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Monday, May 29, 2017

A Modern Farmhouse Bathroom ~ Refresh

Good Morning! I hope your having a fantastic holiday weekend...
I had a great one with my Mr. here at home just catchin up on house chores and projects and enjoying spending some time with friends and family. But now, he is on the road headed back to FT. Leonard Wood... Sniff Sniff....

Big thanks to all those that serve, have served and have sacrificed the ultimate for our country.

So I wanted to share with you guys what I have been up to on this fine Memorial Monday...

I have my guest bath pretty much done, I say that loosely because in my home things are never really done... for many reasons....but, aside from a couple things like trim...and maybe a new floral arrangement...I'm done! AMEN...
So I wanted to share with you what all I did....

You can see my first Refresh here

For the second go around, I focused on lightening this space even more, the first time I painted it in SW Dover White, I added that dark stained cornice and added those farmhouse panels...
I liked it all, but it was really missing some personality.

This go around I thought about what I really wanted, what would make me happy, I visualized and then executed that vision.
I really wanted to get rid of that beige and taupe tile, 
it looked like faux Travertine and I hated it. That was my main goal, but I was on a budget, I was going to have to really get creative.

So I started by giving this little windowless bath a 
fresh coat of white paint in Valspar Ultra White on the walls and shiplap.

This helped drastically.
I need to fill in those holes in the below pic, as well... I just noticed that... grrrr.....

I also proceeded to paint the floor and the shower surround.

You can see the floor post here.
I had really been wanting the faux cement tiles... but to be honest... I have been seeing those every where and am already kinda sick of them.... don't get me wrong, they look great and I love them, but folks are so wearing them out, as per usual....luckily this is just paint...if "things" don't work out, I plan to bust this up and do a white penny tile floor with black grout. It's classic and timeless.
My hope is this floor will buy me a year or so?

If you are in the same boat as me and looking for an in between game changer... 
you can purchase the stencil here.

I knew I wanted a bold floral shower curtain, I searched and searched until I found this one. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was perfect.

Affiliate Links...see full disclosure here.

I extended it by adding chains, I bought a cheap roll of chain from Hobby Lobby and cut about 12-15" strips and clasped them with the provided closures.
I love how it gives a more industrial look.

I also painted the tub tile, you can see that post here

I ended up sealing the tile with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint lacquer, so far so good, but this is not a bath that is frequently used...basically I just changed this in hopes I could save myself a few years of not having to look at taupe tiles while saving for a future refresh with real tile..

I'm happy for now how it turned out, it was a very budget conscience DIY.
I have been seeing a lot of people painting there tiles lately and I'm curious to know how they are holding up for them.

I really don't expect this to last a super long time, but if I can get a year...maybe two... then I would be happy. When I do redo this with real tile, I plan to do a black subway tile with white grout around the tub, and the white penny tile with black grout on the floors. But that is a year or two away, I could change my mind 50 times over by then:)

I'm finishing up my laundry room and rearranged some things in the kitchen, once I get that all situated...aka the junk cleared out, I will share with you guys!

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